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How it works

How it works

Design DNA

Fabric DNA

  • Hand wooven fabric: Aso-oke is a combination of fine silk threads and precise craftsmanship. The patterns are designed by native women from the southern part of Nigeria and hand woven by their men, creating huge income for the family.
  • Ankara: Popularly known as african prints. Your chosen Ankara is made out of 100% cotton in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote de voir. Vibrant african patterns are carefully designed with wax printing/block print technique.
  • Handmade Batik fabric: Adire, popularly known as African batik. Your chosen Adire is made out of 100% cotton shirt material. Hand dyed by local batik makers in Nigeria using old techniques such as wax resistance dying, passed down from generations to generations.
  • Leather: Jacroki, Italian engineered innovation of almost 100% vegetable origin leather. This paper-like leather is manufactured in Italy and the cellulose is taken from environmentally friendly certified forest and legal plantations.
  • Plain canvas: Known as Chinos fabric in Nigeria. This fabric is purchased from the local market. Based on our research, the fabric is imported from Korea to Nigeria, as the nigerian textile industry does not have the technology to produce this type of fabric.
  • Bag Lining: Made out of plane cotton purchased from the local markers eastern Nigeria.

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