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Batik Shopper

Hand crafted batik shopper. Designed by Ayoola in Lagos. Fabric is a piece of art, created by Chantal from Akala Batik in Togo. This bag is currently available.

Name Evelyn Batik Shopper.
Measurement 50cm X 25cm.
Material Exterior is made cotton, hand dyed batik. Interior is a synthetic up-cycled fabric got from second-hand clothes import from Europe.
Produced by Ayoola from Jmuacouture.
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This bag is a special exclusive products you can only buy online at Joadre. Classic roll down backpack. Every piece is handmade.

Name Ambassador backpack.
Measurement H/W/SW: 60cmX30cmX12cm.
Material Silver lock for the top, 4X rivet at the bottom, Matching colours of zip. Canvas fabric – a mixture of polyester and cotton.
Designed by Joana Adesuwa Reiterer.
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Makeup bag

Handmade bag suitable as makeup bag, toilet bag or just a piece of bag to bring some order to your work table. They come in two versions, small and big.

Name Makeup bags
Measurement L/B/H: 28cmX8cmX18cm.
Material Made out of Ankara print fabric. This type of Ankara fabric is digitally printed and consist of 100% cotton. We source fabrics which are locally made in Africa.
Produced by Abosede production team.
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”Creating more impact.” description=”During a call for innovative research by the Austrian Research Institute, FFG, we applied for a research to find out how to involve african Diasporas and scale our impact. The findings confirmed our existing approach to work preventive against human trafficking by educating and creating jobs inAfrica. We will be launching our business lab program to empower african SMEs to become more competitive in the global market. Our fashion continues to run and new products will be launched as well.” link=”http://joadrebusinesslab.com” link_text=”Visit our lab” subtitle=”Building capacity of SMEs.”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”Joadre in 20+ stores.” description=”In this year, we began to document all our training activities with the aim to make them digital in the future so that a larger target group can benefit from it. It was time to develop a mass production possibility for our producers and we did it. We also released our best selling batik Kimonos. Our bags got into 20+ sustainable stores in Europe – The Weltladen stores! We ended our 3 year training project and it was time to think of how to scale our impact.” link=”https://joadre.com/hubcouture-joadre-stockist/” link_text=”See our stockist” subtitle=”Mass production was launched.”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”We were ready to sell.” description=”We started to host and attend pop-ups, events and fairs to sell our bags. We also got the support of the Vienna Business Agency to develop our selling app called HubCouture. HubCouture was launched as a platform for producers to showcase their products and manage themselves. We quickly realised that our producers were not skilled enough to run their own store on the platform. HubCouture was closed.” link=”https://joadre.com/events-and-popups/” link_text=”Check our next pop-up” subtitle=”The pop-up tour began!”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”Joadre pullstring bags.” description=”We began with our textile production training program which was sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency. We toured small production units in Lagos and trained tailors how to produce to our standards.Over 3000 hours of training was invested. After testing many collections and fashion products, we discovered our bestseller – the Joadre pullstring bag.” link=”https://joadre.com/product-category/tasche/” link_text=”Check out our bags” subtitle=”This is our bestseller.”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”2min. 2mill. show” description=”Our goal was to develop a textile production in nigeria. We applied to participate in the investment show of the Austrian Tv Puls 4 and were able to secure major investors to finance our mission. We were also honored to join the crowd investment platform, Conda for a campaign that secured us more supporters.Our small production grew to 15 women. We met with the Austrian Development Agency to introduce our idea.” link=”https://joadre.com/mission-statement/?” link_text=”more about us” subtitle=”Kick-off with puls 4 Tv show.”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”Joadre was founded” description=”During a workshop with 6 women who were affected by human trafficking in Vienna, we realised that the most effective way to stop human trafficking is to work from a preventive approach. We registered Joadre and continued to create jewelry under the name of “Jel”. Our goal was to develop a production in Nigeria where most victims come from. Our first production began with just two women in a small room.” link=”https://joadre.com/mission-statement/” link_text=”more about us” subtitle=”We started selling jewelry.”]
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[trx_sc_title title_style=”default” link_style=”default” title=”The first step” description=”After Joana learned about the issue of human trafficking affecting Nigerian women in Europe, She shot a no-budget film with the support of Austrian film students about a story of a victim. The film was premiered in schools in Nigeria and was documented by the austrian National TV. The response led to joana setting up a charity organisation called EXIT. Over the years EXIT support victims in Austria and organised a Jewelry workshop in 2012 that led to the founding of Joadre.” link=”https://joadre.com/ngo-exit-fighting-human-trafficking/?” link_text=”more about EXIT” subtitle=”A film started it all!”]
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Editorial News

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