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How to stay on top of the moment even when in stress!  


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24/01/2020 4:37 pm  

You are an achiever, definitely. If not, you would not be in Joadre community right now. You are ready and in search of ways to elevate your dream. But life can be so "bitchy". Pardon my expression! Do you have days where your workload never ends? No space to breathe! I fall into this trap every now and then, but this is what I do.

I use this simple breathing technique 6X5-5-5 to get myself relaxed in between hectic minutes. All you do is to breathe in deeply through your nose for 5 seconds. Hold the air up in your lungs for another 5 seconds. Release the air though your mouth and nose for 5 seconds again. Do this at least 6 times depending on the time you have in the moment of stress. You will be amazed what just happened to your body, your brain and your motivation. Share your experience beneath! Do not forget to create awareness and share this post through social media. Thank you. 

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