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How to use the 6 Key program!  


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22/01/2020 9:31 am  

It’s Joadre and I want to share some quick tips on how to use the 6 key audio program. Its an audio program lasting about 7 hours. You will get a printed workbook shipped to you. Before you start the program, look through the workbook quickly so that you are aware of the next steps ahead. Now, download the program on your phone or tablet. Dedicate time to listen to the program, say 10 to 20 minutes on go. When you get to work sessions, use your pencil to answer the worksessions. I really recommend using a pencil, because you can come back, erase and update what you have written earlier. Because while you move on with the program, you get even more clarity to some previous questions.

I have created an online tool that can help you capture your idea to get a 2 pager or a 5 slide deck which is what you want to have when you introduce your idea to potential partners or sponsors. The links to the tools can be found in the workbook, online on the program page and now on the screen as well. If you need support while attending the program, join the conversation in our business forum using the link on the screen now. So that was it. Simple to use. Enroll, get your download, start with the workbook and you will be ready to get to the next level in a month!

I look forward to working with you soon. 

Link to 6 Key program -

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