Introducing the 6 K...

Introducing the 6 Key audio training program  


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22/01/2020 9:29 am  

The 6 key audio program is a comprehensive business 7 hour training program that allows you to streamline your multiple ideas and craft out a strategy to start the evry one idea that would become your successful business venture. In the 6 key, we have outlined 6 key topics from finding the right idea, creating the solution, finding the right ressources, marketing, budgeting to actually making your idea ready for launch. At the end of this program you will have a business strategy or plan to start your idea. I have divided the whole program into milestones covering the topics I listed earlier. 

It is an audio program, so when you enrol, you can download the audio and we will send you the workbook which I encourage you to use as you move on with the program. Alongside the audio and workbook, you will be given access to the video tutorials on our platform. We have a business forum where you can ask questions and get feedback from me. This is a compact training that you as an aspiring entrepreneur should go through no matter what your idea is because you will master the process of planning and actually taking baby steps that would bring you the results you desire. 

In between the audio program, I have spiced it up with some straight up real talk, case studies and examples from the practice. I look forward to working with you in this program. Follow the link to start now - .

You have the power to transform that idea into a real business, let's activate it. 

You have the power. Activate it!

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