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Why I created the 6 key.  


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16/01/2020 9:47 am  

I decided to create the 6 key foundation program after spending the past 5 years training and working with Nigerian/Ghanian tailors and fashion producers.  I realised that one very significant aspect missing in their business is the whole business management knowledge. I was shocked to hear that many so-called fashion school focus on sewing instead to focus on building a business. So in the 6 key, I packaged the basic knowledge every aspiring entrepreneurs, not only in fashion, but what you need to know and think about before launching your idea. I will be adding new content rom time to time, so I look forward to hearing and learning what knowledge you will like to learn about. So share your experience in a fashion school you have attended. Let me know what challenges you face as an entrepreneur trying to create a business. Maybe we can find ideas together to solve them. Feel free to join the discussion and post your comments to this topic.

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