joadre consultWe are happy to have you visit our consulting service offer. Joadre consulting, including project management, is one of our focus activities because it is a pillar in our strategic approach to build sustainable business partnerships between Africa and Europe. We believe that together, we can all achieve more. As an European company looking to enter the African market either with product and/or service, you want to achieve this in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. And that is what we offer. Long-term strategic solutions to find key stakeholders, partners, investors, network, supply chains. But also, you might need to have even stronger European allies to embark on this journey.

This is why we believe a project design where you can tap into financial resources and competence of the government funding programs is highly important. Because the emerging markets function completely differently from classic European structures. Maybe you would have to train key stakeholders about your products and implementation. So it is a long term investment. Then why do it all alone? Let’s figure out how best to go about it.

Our service is tailored to assist European companies/African Diasporas who intend to develop a sustainable market entry and establishment for business in Africa, targeting Nigeria as a starting point. Nigeria being the most populated African market. Our Joadre Consulting Team consists of our founder Joana and 4 other team members in Nigeria.

Here are a few key data:
  • Nigerian has about 204 million people.
  • A West African country that lies on the Atlantic ocean.
  • Population is young with about 50% below 25 years.
  • 30.7% were aged 25–54.
  • Middle Class: Divided into Rising Middle Class RMC and upper middle class UMC.
  • Rising middle class earns about $1050 – $4125 annually (world bank statistics), estimated to be about 50 million people.

Before we break down our offers, here is a short bio about our founder Joana Adesuwa Reiterer and some of our completed projects of which we are very proud of.

About Joana Adesuwa Reiterer

Joana was born in Nigeria and migrated to Austria in 2003. As a polymer science student, Joana started her first business at age 16 out of necessity. Joana is passionate about greeting social impact with a business approach and has implemented over a dozen international projects in the past decade. Read more personal details about Joana. 

Our past projects/clients – project management
  1. Nawa film festival – an EU funded project with key partners from UNODC and IOM. Including bringing over 18 European experts to Nigeria and Nollywood celebrities like Uche Jumbo, Segun Arinze and others on a project tour.
  2. Media projects – diverse on ground management projects for documentaries for BR, ORF and independent film companies like Kube Film. Also including research for a book project Ware Frau.
  3. Social impact project – Joadre Fashion project with 3 year training implementation, stakeholders networking involving business activities with retail companies in Europe like Vresh, Soulbottle, Trusted Craft, EZA and others. Leading to over 12 Nigerian SMEs startup and growth.
  4. Film/video production – Producing short film and video materials.

Some of these projects have led us to develop partnerships with government Agencies like Austrian Development Agency, Viennese Business Agency,  Film Department of Vienna and Austrian Research Institute.

What does sustainable mean at Joadre?

We believe that every business venture has the power to create better prospects for the communities they operate in. And if the stakeholders on the ground are treated with respect and dignity, they would dedicate their skills and network to make your business activities/goals successful. Therefore, it is our mission to help you design a sustainable social impact, that builds the capacity of the target community. With this intention, a successful market entry is guaranteed. Through our bicultural competence and our own network of local stakeholders, we provide in-depth market intelligence and access.

Services/offer for project management and design

For who? 

  1. European company looking to enter the Nigerian market with products and/or services.
  2. African Diaspora looking to develop their idea into a full venture and source european/african stakeholders.
  3. African located venture looking for partners in Europe, with focus Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


*Fee is basically a percentage of project value or outcome value, however we have a minimum value requirement to consider taking up a client. Often, services covering 1-7 are often charged between 20 – 35% depending on the scope of service. After offer 2, a quote will be sent. Beneath are the offers in chronological orders. A client must not consume all services but 1 – 3 is mandatory to proceed on any offer after that. 

  1. First call – FREE service to establish contact and content ideas. Max. 20 minutes telephone call. Schedule call via email request –
  2. Read Through – FREE service to give first feedback based on initial scan through project draft or idea. Requires a write up be sent to us via email given above. Feedback is brief and via email response.
  3. Project analysis – PAID service to give first recommendations which are detailed and helps clients actually design the project to get suitable partners. An initial meetup (life or virtuel) is mandatory and arranged to dissect project outcomes, aims and strategy.  A template is provided for clients to assist their project design.
  4. Content drafting – PAID service to develop project documents which can be used for partnership acquisition. Tailored to suit identified partner requirements. Drafted in collaboration with clients. . Content draft does not include calculation drafting. Calculation drafting is included as extra upon request.
  5. Implementation  – PAID service for networking and finding suitable partners. Even when the project is drafted properly, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be implemented properly. So there has to be an implementation planning and mentoring service which we offer for the lifespan of the project. This doesn’t include reporting. However, guidelines and templates to develop reports are offered.
  6. Report drafting – PAID service to capture outcomes and communicate in the appropriate context for partners. Report does not include financial auditing options or accounting reporting. These two finance based services can however be offered through our network of service providers.
  7. Project branding – PAID service to document project processes and outcomes with motion (Video), still images (pictures), blogging and content platform on web. Why is this necessary? You can secure long term partners if they see your impact and engagement. You can get new partners with your communication. You can use these footage for your project reporting.

Other consulting services available on request;

  • Initial consultation of business requirements for the target market to include identification of results expected, formulating goals and developing strategies.
  • Market analysis in specific industry areas of specialty as listed beneath.
  • Research and documentation of key business insights.
  • Advisory for financial grants and subsidies relevant to clients venture as well as grant management where needed (Processing documents, official applications).
  • Match-making to build capable network  and connecting to potential stakeholders.
  • Developing a Go-to-market strategy including implementing focus groups and competitors analysis.
  • On-ground logistics to include carrying out legal and accreditations procedures on behalf of client as well as outsource management.

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