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I am so excited that you intend to take this program. Learn how you can join us to stop human trafficking. you can start by sharing this course on your social media platforms. Thank you for sharing this program on social media!


We find ourselves caught up in the struggle to cob the Symptoms of the problem rather than the cause of the problem. We become the hamster in a wheel, spinning to catch up with the momentum generated symptoms to the problem. But we can pause and reset our actions towards a more sustainable solution that tackles the cause of the problem.

“Human trafficking is a crime that shames us all”. This was the slogan of the United Nations during the Blue heart campaign. Today, this crime is the 3rd most lucrative business in the world today. I have spent more than a decade fighting human trafficking, little did I realise a couple for years ago, that i was only fighting the symptoms of a deeper problem.

I have spent the past 13 years touring Europe and Nigeria, holding keynotes, speeches and training people who wanted to engage in solving this problem. Due to a very tight schedule, I cannot share my knowledge and experience life at all times. But i really want more people to have access to understand this problem and maybe join us in our engagement for a better future.

In this program, I will share deep knowledge about the problem. We will go far beyond the surface of trafficking as we tend to see it. We might end up having to explore historical issues or debate future tendencies. My goal is to make sure that anyone can easily understand the real problem and anyone can develop their own voice to join us in action. Everyone has a space in this journey. Begin to take action now by enrolling for this master class.


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I am Joana, a social entrepreneur. I founded Joadre Business Lab in 2019 and Joadre platform in 2014. I was born in Edo state, Nigeria and have spent over a decade in Europe. My current base is Vienna, Austria and Lagos, Nigeria. My passion to build the capacity of African entrepreneurs and connect them to the global space has made me launch and complete dozens of projects like the NaWa film festival connecting 6 EU countries to Nigeria. I produced several films and released two biographical books. In the last 4 years, I raised funds to develop a prototype for a mass textile production network in Lagos serving stores in Europe. These projects were spearheaded by the Austrian government and private investors. Through my work as a social entrepreneur, I have been honoured to receive numerous awards. In my training and mentorship program, I will be bringing you the best content and solutions from the diaspora and network of experts. Feel free to connect with me here or on social media using the icons in the footer of this website.

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