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About Course

In many parts of the world, access to education that you need to actually start a business in the real world is not easy to get. Even if it is available, it is very theoretical and it is often too expensive. Maybe you have a 9 to 5 job and you are underpaid. Or you might be unemployed and are fed up going to job interviews without positive result. Or maybe you simply are passionate about starting a business. This 6 Key business training program is all you need.



The 6 KEY is an online Business Training Program for entrepreneurs and those aspiring to start a business soon. Within this business training program, you will be able to find business ideas that would work for you. You will learn how to transform them to a profitable venture. I have invested time and effort to make topics like business financing, idea scouting, marketing, funding and planing exciting. After this program, you will be all setup to start your business and generate sustainable income.

Structure of our business training program

This business training program is divided into 6 steps and these steps are chronologically set. Each step covers a specific topic on how to start your business. Each step in the 6 KEY program has multiple tutorials and these tutorials cover specific topics.  When you enrol for the program, you will receive our downloadable 6 KEY audio which is a 7 hours audio version for you on the go. There will be more downloadable FREE content like cheat sheets and resource links as you progress.

Learn with our downloadable workbook – Business training

Our FREE 6 Key program comes with a workbook which you can download after enrolment. With this workbook, you can specifically draft out your own plan by answering the questions and following through each work session appropriately. There are work sessions I recommend that you complete to gain better understanding and translate what you learn into the practice.  As a student of our business training, we want to mentor you to get the best results. You can schedule a conversation with an expert from our team HERE.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Find the right business idea that works for you.
  • Figure out everything you need to launch your business.
  • Know everything about how to start your own business.
  • Actually launch your business with our support.

Topics for this course

96 Lessons400h

Step 1: Find the right idea for you?

If you already have ideas of a business to start, you will learn how to choose which works best for you. If you do not have ideas, we have some great business idea suggestions.
Tutorial 1.1 – Introduction to milestone 1.00:2:14
Tutorial 1.2 – Why you need a plan.00:4:46
Tutorial 1.3 – 7 qualities of a great plan.00:3:15
Tutorial 1.4 – Understand SWOT analysis.00:3:11
Tutorial 1.5 – When to use SWOT.00:3:02
Tutorial 1.6 – Do this before you use SWOT.00:3:44
Tutorial 1.7 – Prepare a SWOT sheet.00:2:55
Tutorial 1.8 – Business case examples for SWOT analysis.00:2:01
Tutorial 1.9 – Identify your strenght – SWOT analysis.00:6:06
Tutorial 1.10 – Identify your weaknesses SWOT analysis.00:1:03
Tutorial 1.11 – Opportunities and threats – SWOT analysis.00:10:54
Tutorial 1.13 – Milestone wrapup and reward.00:3:38
Tutorial 1.12 – Evaluate SWOT sheet.00:3:25
Bonus 1.13 – Great business ideas for the future – service.00:3:04
Bonus 1.14- Great business ideas for the future – Online.00:2:24
Bonus 1.15 – Great business ideas for the future – Manufacturing.00:3:27
Exclusive blog – how to find great ideas.
Download all worksheets, Listen to related podcast.

Step 2: Craft your business case?

You will develop your idea into a business case. You will get clarity about your product and/or service.

Step 3: Make your business sellable?

You will design your marketing plan, your action plan, develop a marketing strategy, how to develop a communication and your personality brand.

Step 4: Finance your business?

You will develop a very solid finance concept and learn how to get the money for the mission for your business.

Step 5: Get the needed resources?

In this milestone, you will learn how to map out the resources you need, identify the ones you have and how to get the ones missing.

Step 6: Launch your business?

Strategically optimise your idea to start.
Joadre 6 key business training program

Material Includes

  • Downloadable workbook.
  • Downloadable cheatsheets.
  • Access to the 7+ hours audio summary.


  • You do not need any special criteria or requirement.
  • You need a good internet connection to watch the video.
  • You need the workbook which we will send to you.
  • You need to do your work sessions sincerely.