Welcome to my creators lab programme.

Creators Lab by Joadre is a mentoring programme that allows African start-ups, as well as African diasporas to streamline their ideas into a sustainable business. The creators lab is solely business oriented and comes in 4 subscription plans – Free, Basic, Standard and Premium. From the knowledge I have gain in the past 12 years building multiple projects, starting my own business here in Austria and in Nigeria, I  intend to share as much knowledge with my creator Lab students, help you get the needed connections to proceed with building your business and make sure you do not make the mistakes I made. Our leaning process is through my Joadre app (only available for android users) and through our Joadre virtual school platform – Please feel free to chat with me if you have questions regarding subscribing. In very rare cases, we give subscription stipends to potential student.


Creators lab, free

In this free plan, I would work with you to streamline your ideas into clear problems-solutions case that builds up the basis for a business  or structured venture. Included are;

  • 5 days one-on-one mentoring.
  • Access to our virtual learning platform.
  • Free videos through our app.
*This free plan is possible because it has been subsided with grants from the Austrian Development Agency and the FFG, Austria.


Creators lab, basic

In this basic plan, I expect you to have a clear idea of what you want to do. this subscription plan includes,

  • 4 weeks one-on-one mentoring.
  • All in free plan, plus
  • Product analysis basics.
  • Followup & consistent communication.
  • Developing a basic business plan.
  • Networking and recommendations for possible partners for your business.
  • Limited access to exclusive tutorials on how to build your business, get funding.
  • Discount:  5% discount on further subscription.


Creators lab, standard

In this plan, you get all included in the basic plan plus,

  • 12 weeks one-on-one mentoring.
  • Benchmarking – Outlining your market counterparts and developing the strategy best for your product.
  • Access to exclusive tutorials, videos, discussions.
  • Active promotion: Presentation of your venture/business/product to possible partners.
  • Access to diverse cheat list for showcasing, funding opportunities, business operations etc.
  • Promoting you on our social media platform.
  • Discount:  10% discount on further subscription.


Creators lab, premium

In this free plan, you will get all included in the standard plan plus,

  • 6 months one-on-one mentoring.
  • Optimisation: Based on the target market, we will assist you to finalise the version of your product that would be most competitive in the identified market.
  • Documentation: You will receive a progress report on activities.
*After your subscription plan, you will still have excess to the free plan, our virtual school and of course any tutorial you have purchased. If you intend to re-purchase a plan because you have moved further in your business or with your idea, please let us know about it first by informing us through our virtual school chat board.

Do you qualify for any subscription plan?