7 weeks creators lab


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  • Product analysis: Identification of the target customers in Europe and what channels is best suitable for the specific product.
  • Benchmarking: Outlining your market counterparts and developing the strategy best for your product.
  • Optimisation: Based on the target market, we will assist you to finalise the version of your product that would be most competitive in the identified market.
  • Feedback and consistent communication: Via telephone calls, WhatsApp, messenger and emails
  • Quality control: Final control of finishing and recommendations, including recommended tutorials to help learn specific finishing methods.
  • Life webinars: Exclusive webinars where you can ask question and learn how to build that product.
  • Online set-up: Product shoot and placement on our platform, includes store set-up on HC, enlightens on new trends and retail criteria,
  • Documentation: You will receive a progress report on activities.
  • Active promotion: Presentation of product to retailers and on our promotion platforms.
  • Showcase/Sell access: Free access to showcase and sell on 2 offline outlets (store/fair/festival) + a vendors account on HubCouture where you sell directly to our customers.
  • Discount:  25% discount on further selling/showcasing outlets subscription and other service subscription.
  • Duration: 7 weeks (Since we want you to reach your goal, very often, it exceeds 7 weeks)
  • Subscription fee: 45,000- Naira only.

HubCouture showcasing at Ethical fashion show buyers event in Berlin 2018:

*Product based service: this service is tailor made to suit a specific product line in your brand/label. If you have multiple products in your label that you wish to introduce into the market, you will have to opt in per product.

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