Swetlana volunteering at EXIT Jaona Adesuwa Reiterer
Traum von paradies with Joan Adesuwa Reiterer

Volunteering at NGO EXIT offers you a variety of opportunities such as;

  • Expand your knowledge about the topic of human trafficking.
  • Build your awareness of migrant/female rights related issues.
  • Learn how to design projects form the scratch.

We only welcome people who are ready to be dedicated for a longer period of time (at least 12 weeks plus) and are ok with working from home sometime. Those who will want to work directly with victims of human trafficking have to be open to volunteer for a minimum of 6 months. Please find beneath the areas which we need support at current.

  1. Research work: You will work with Joana to get current information about human trafficking from a global perspective. this will mean attending events on our behalf and summarising them.
  2. Editorial and copy writing: You will create consistent content to help us mobilise people and inform them about human trafficking as well as actions they can take.
  3. Content development: This is a more inept information and copy writing. We will decide and develop this together when we meet.
  4. Event management: Concept development, planing and implementation.
  5. Video making (camera or concept or editing): Creating weekly videos for our social blog.
  6. Evaluation: How has efforts against human trafficking created an impact? What projects or incentives should be key?
  7. Victim support: Developing and implementing counselling to potential victims as well as connecting them to sustainable services.

Here are our general requirements:

  • Older than 18 years*.
  • Interest in the topic of human trafficking, development and migration.
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Willingness to attend meetings and lectures.
  • Good written and spoken English knowledge.
  • Perfect knowledge of German in spoken and written.

*If you are younger than 18 years, you will need a confirmation from your guidance stating that you are allowed to volunteer. 

  • We also welcome school groups who would like to volunteers as project for their school.
  • If you are interested, please feel free to write us;