Diasporas for Development.

A Project initiated & powered by Joadre.

Sub-Saharan African nations account for 8 of the 10 fastest growing international migrant populations since 2010. Over 2 million migrants moved dues to post-conflict, poor economic and other reasons in 2017, leading to massive brain drain in some regions. More and more African migrants are embarking on a risky journey to Europe using the sahara desert-medeterianersea route. Many end up being sold as slaves either during their migration, for example the Libya slave-trade crises early this year (2018) or at the end destination in an an EU country like in Austria. This form of migration exploitation is a form of human trafficking, which demands a broadened approach that integrate as many stakeholders as possible.

Migration as a tool for development: Generally 50% of Viennese have migrant background. There are about 29000 of African migrants in Vienna alone, with over 17000 still nationalities of their origin African country. Migration therefore, can be used as a tool for global development if these migrants are integrated directly in the development process in their origin communities. A good number of these migrants have established themselves here in Austria and have gained substantial know-how in different economic and social fields which can be key in development of their origin communities. An example is our Joadre fashion project founded by a Nigerian migrant, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer. Joadre trains vulnerable women in Nigeria to become fashion goods producers and therefore generate their own income within their community.  The goal is to prevent them from being victims of human trafficking through economic empowerment.

Numerous challenges prevent migrants to engage in development: However, migrants who intend to contribute in the development of their home communities, and therefore play a significant role in combating human trafficking, are confronted with series of challenges. We at Joadre are currently developing a daughter agency to render services that would enable more diasporas to get engaged. Our services would cover the following; 

  1. conceptualisation of ideas and approaches towards a particular problem.
  2. developing a sustainable and feasible solution.
  3. practical step-by-step knowledge to set-up and establish the identified solution, not as a charity sustained initiative, but as a financially/ressource self sustainable initiative.
  4. attracting start-up finance, network and resources to build their initiatives.
  5. instrument to manage (includes communication, evaluation, monitoring) and create a long-term usage of their initiative.

Transforming private humanitarian endeavors into sustainable development initiatives: There is no one-stop destination for African migrants to transform their private humanitarian endeavors into sustainable development initiatives in their origin communities. Many embark on their self-isolated private initiative which often leads to duplication of resources available, exploitation of good-will by end beneficiaries on ground, dependence of the end-recipient, slow or no growth leading to zero scalability and lack of further resources leading to premature end of project.  With our 4 years knowledge building Joadre and 12 years experience running our charity organisation, EXIT, we intend to use all our best-practices learned, network experience and tap into available resources to create this service for african migrants intending to embark in developmental business.

Creating sustainability, mobilising migrants, creating links: There are several development initiatives in Austria but there is not a specifical initiative that aids African migrant to streamline ideas, render practical guide, resources and network towards implementation of their project on a sustainable basis. For us sustainability means, giving ownership to the end beneficiaries, for example by creating a long-term educational platform for the both the diasporas and end beneficiaries. Sustainability means, reducing bureaucracy, focusing on the cultural specifics and structuring a simple-implementation mechanism to mobilise and integrate African migrants in enhancing their origin community.

It is very important that development in Africa happens in a form that creates psychological empowerment and self-confidence of the recipients. This can be easily bridged and transported if end beneficiary can identify with the lead expat being from the same or similar culture. We therefore want to bridge these gaps and create services for African migrants to instigate positive change in origin communities.

This project begins in September 2018. We are happy to collaborate with further partners, sponsors and service providers who are interested in the following markets and regions: Nigeria, Ghana, Libera and Uganda. To contact us, please write Ms. Joana Reiterer,

If your are a diaspora and which to join our project. Go to phase 1 to register and let us know more about your idea >

This project is party funded by FFG Austria.


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