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Joadre is an African-inspired clothing company out to raise awareness against human trafficking. We are out to redefine how we wear clothes! Fashion is beyond simple trend consciousness. Fashion is style, but can be more than that, depends on how you wear it. Joadre fashion combines value and style to create future prospects for vulnerable women through fair production.  “No woman should fall victim to sexual exploitation. No woman should be trafficked. Every woman must have future prospects in her home town or community. We believe in the power every women we work with has. She has the power to change her life, inspire others and impact her environment.”…Joana Adesuwa Reiterer, CEO & founder of Joadre .

SS 16 campaign

#givejoystoptrafficking campaign

We are a value-led fashion network of customers, ambassadors and garment producers. Join us and help us raise awareness to 20 million people and make it possible for 3000 women to launch tailoring units in Africa by 2020. Women without fair income are more vulnerable to be victims of human trafficking. 800 thousand people are affected worldwide. Victims are recruited from poor communities and trafficked to developed cities were they get exploited. This crime still happens today because people are unaware. Human trafficking flourishes in secret.  Join our network and  help us break this circle of poorverty and ignorance that keeps human trafficking alive. With our tools, we would show you ways to spread the word, break the silence and engage your friends, family with products made under a fair condition by women who were vulnerable or either survivors of trafficking. Register and enjoy your rewards for doing a good cause! JOIN US!

New collection - JoyJoadre

The idea behind Joadre has impressed me from the beginning . Using a fashion label to prevent human trafficking is a statement that I support very much.

Michael Altrichter

I find it amazing to use beauty to create happiness for others, the outfits are comfortable and unique

Berit Glaser

Working for Joadre means happiness. I love what I do and am happy to learn. Joadre’s youngest artisan.



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