If you cannot find the perfect design you like from our store, then create your own bag.

Choose what kind of bag you want – Classic bag or Elite bag. All bags has a pocket in the front but the Elite bag has an extra outer pocket design.

Choose what fabric you like by clicking on the fabrics. We regularly change our fabrics every season and  here you can see our current fabrics.

Please note that all designed bags are small sized bags.

After you design your bag, place the order. You will receive a confirmation of payment as well as an email which has the link which shows you which bag you designed.

Our production in Nigeria receives your designed bag about 20 minutes after you placed the order. They will start to produce your bag.

Now, it could happen that a specific fabric is out of stock a couple of minutes before you place your order. This does not happen often, but if it does, we will either try to restock the fabric so that we can  make your bag or, if restocking his not possible, we will get back to you immediately.

Now in the normal case, they would need a day to complete your bag and it will be packaged for shipment. We ship once every 10 days from Nigeria for small shipments. This is necessary to be able to ship more products at the same time because the cost to ship one bag is the same as the cost to ship 5 bags unfortunately. Which means we have fixed shipping dates every month. Your bag will be shipped at the next urgent fixed date.

We will receive your bag at our head office in Vienna and then dispatch it to you. We are a small company and our goal is to create value for our producers as well as our customers. If you have issues with our delivery or our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us through email – [email protected]