In production

Are we Aware – Documentary // Executive Producer.

Synopsis | UK | France | Austria | Nigeria. 2012

A documentary on the legislative work against human trafficking in Europe. Covering the internal regulations and exploring “Juju” as a form of judiciary cohesion. This documentary was produced in collaboration with UNODC and IOM as a training tool for Law enforcement, civil society and the judiciary. 

A Place of peace |– Short feature film // Story & Producer.

Synopsis | Austria 2011

Ayo, a teenage mother whose ambitions to start a new life in Europe shatters between the bed sheets of her deceiving Aunty Rose. Johann, one of her clients, motivates Ayo´s escape. The life of her daughter is in danger.  She makes the decision of her life, for her daughter.


Better life – Short documentary // Director, Producer.

Synopsis | UK | Austria | Nigeria. 2011

Better life

Urbana Joadre Fashion // Producer.

Info | Austria 2015

To launch the begin of our Social impact fashion project, Austrian based models came together to acknowledge the handcraft of our Nigerian SMEs and showcase this products. 

Joan und die Mächte der Finsternis – documentary // Main protagonist.

Info | Austria | Ghana | Nigeria. 2011

Greener Pastures – Short film // Story, Director, producer.

Synopsis | Austria. 2007

About a story of a survivor of human trafficking from nigeria who was detained and deported after over 5 years of exploitation in Europe.

The Immortal – Feature film // Actress.

Synopsis | Austria. 2007

Nigeria. 1999. With late JK Tom west, Sam Dede, Chiege Alisigwe.