We are a team of volunteers.

Please bear with us that we would rather dedicate our time towards our major activities. If you need urgent assistant, please use the form on this page to write us.

  • Awareness raising for the general public using art, new & traditional media and events.
  • Stakeholders capacity building through workshops and lectures.
  • Victim support by holding first counselling and networking to appropriate organisation.
  • Research and documentation of cases of human trafficking.
  • Counselling for those who want to start a project against human trafficking or those who want to report human trafficking.

EXIT is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization based in Vienna. Our organization is dedicated to combating human trafficking from Africa to Europe for the purpose of sexual exploitation. EXIT was founded in 2006 by the Nigerian author and human rights activist Joana Adesuwa Reiterer with the purpose of bringing to light the existence and crime of human trafficking in Austria.

Working closely with journalist, filmmakers, actors & Actresses, civil society and governmental stakeholders, we continue to implement several awareness raising projects like facilitating book release, media reports, theatres and films on the topic.  Our mission is to break the silence and mobilise everyone to take one action against human trafficking.

“Victims & vulnerable people all want exactly the things you want the most – security, choice

and a life with dignity!”…….Joana Adesuwa Reiterer


“We need your support. Your voice”It has been over a decade that we started our charity EXIT against human trafficking.” txt_align=”center”]Human trafficking is a crime that affect every country in the world today. Even you, living comfortable in your home in a wealthy country in Europe. Human trafficking and exploitation is not far from your door step. All what the victims want is peace, love, a healthy meal for their family and a good education for their children. Does this needs sound abstract? If they don’t, then partner with us today. Take a brave step and find out how you can activate your power to create positive change that prevents human trafficking.

Information for donations: Raiffeisen Landesbank Neo-Wien

Account name: Verein EXIT

Account number: AT94 3200 0000 04149118