What we see, hear and feel shapes the way we perceive our world and the world around us. At Joadre, we believe that “narrative”  has power. It literally shapes our society today. We have to be part of shaping the narrative about us and the world we perceive to be real around us. Diversifying the narrative is our mission with projectX. We call it projectX by Joadre, because we have a vision to develop multiple projects streaming on our own platform as well as other classic streaming platforms. It is all about telling our stories, recapturing our history and educating our minds for the future.

This is an independent project and we would like to keep it as independent as possible. We fund this project through well-intended private investors, single donations and our own money.  We have created a crowd funding opportunity for you to join our vision. Our work to break the silence started far back as 2006 when we launched the civil society organisation EXIT by producing a short film called greener pastures. We intend to continue on this path to raise awareness and draw global attention to critical issues.

Though our work, we want to be instrumental in the development and sustainable growth of the Nigerian film industry called Nollywood. It is important that film producers, directors, storytellers have the needed funding to tell their stories how they would actually tell it without having to make sure to hit box office and therefore compromise the societal or artistics value. We have created a funding campaign to raise funds for upcoming projects. Visit webenaija to see our upcoming local projects and The Documentary (WT) to see our international documentary project. We are also working on a  feature film at current.


projectX is an initiative to FUND OUR FILMS. Read about our current film above. A documentary to be released in 2021.