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We have 2 digital magazines. Our digital journal – FOCUS and our annual magazine – eBIZ spanning 180+ pages. Both magazin are available in our app.

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You can visit our tool platform to get free templates that would help you develop your ideas. Most templates can be downloaded and used right away.

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Welcome creators. We consistently look for people who want to contribute to our platform. There are so anyway you can contribute.

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If you ar ea blogger and you want to publish on our platform, here is the way to go about it. We want to ensure that the content meets our standards.

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We offer tailored services for companies in African and in Europe. If you want to engage our services, we are happy to share more with you.

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We host diverse live and online programs. Check out our current program. Feel free to book a quick online session with us if you wish to join our program.

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Only healthy minds build health sustainable businesses. Visit our wellbeing blog category to find content to nourish your soul, body and mind.

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If you are a tailor within our network, you can apply to get contracts to product some of our products needed.

how to write a project report.

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