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Social Entrepreneurs, Are You ready to launch your idea?

Get our interest free, early stage loan to launch your idea. 

Round 1

Step 1: Citizen

Join the Joadre Tribe App as with a citizen membership

Step 2: 50 seconds pitch

Make a 50 seconds pitch video with your phone. a.) Post your video on Instagram  tagging @joadretribe. b.) Send your video to [email protected]. Your video would be viewed by Joadre Funding Board.

Round 2

Step 3: One pager opportunity

The top ten entries will be chosen to submit a one-page business plan. The top 10 entries will be posted on our News board in the Joadre Tribe App. 

Step 4:  Expert Jury session

A live pitch date will be published and all top 10 will be invited to a public zoom event to present their ideas in details before our selected Business expert Jury. We will select a Jury based on the ideas we receive. For example, if an idea is about health, an expert jury from the health sector will be present. The expert jury will focus on POC (Proof Of Concept).

Step 5: Ideation mentorship

6 finalist will be selected and mentored for one month. The mentorship will be a 4x online public group session to develop your idea. All 6 finalist are invited to submit a 2-pager business plan. (Check our app to get some input about a 2 pager)

**Twist: Move over! Participants who did not qualify for this round can also participate as viewers only, but can as well submit the final business plan for review if they wish. There is a chance that they would move to step 6. 

Round 3

Step 6:  Best 2-pager

4 semi-finalist will be selected based on their progress in ideation during the mentorship session. 

Step 7: The finals

A finalist will be selected to receive a N500,000 interest-free loan. A second finalist will receive N150k interest-free loan  investment to fund their sustainable ideas. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only Joadre tribe app Indigene members are eligible to participate. Indigenes are tribe citizens who have been verified through our due diligence process and they have been citizens for at least 2 consecutive months. 
  2. You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  3. Your ideas must be sustainable. 
  4. You can have multiple ideas and make entries for all of them separately. 
  5. You must follow the steps indicated above. 

Some quick tips

  • Following @Joadretribe on instagram is a plus
  • Use tutorials in our JoadreTribe App, as our platform’s educational tools will assist you through out the phases of this project.
  • Make sure your profile on Joadre Tribe App is up-to-date and brushed up.
  • Even if you are not a tribe indigene yet, as far as you are a citizen and have requested da verification process, you can apply. 

About Joadre Seed capital

Joadre seed capital is an interest-free loan with a flexible duration tailored to suit the recipient. The capital is derived form the tribe. We intend for it to be a loan so that someone else in the future can also get the same funding support you received now. This funding is intended to assist social entrepreneurs develop their ideas. We are consistently increasing our funding pot to enable more entrepreneurs receive funding. 


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