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The 6 key foundation milestone program for entrepreneurs. 

How to transform your idea/s into a successful business. 

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The 6 key foundation milestone program is training for entrepreneurs.  My vision is to enable you activate your own individual passion/s and use them to develop a business and life that you love. I strongly believe that you will become extraordinarily successful if you follow that path which was destined for you. I want to help you discover the activities that you are passionate about  and show you how to leverage them in other to build and grow a sustainable business or project. Within the 6 key program, we will explore entrepreneurship from a holistic approach, channelling your focus to align with the core vision of your life. I have invested time and effort to make topics like business financing, idea scouting, marketing, funding, planing exciting. THE RESULT AFTER THIS PROGRAM? YOU HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA TO START WITH!

With the accompanying work tools provided, you get to attend our program worth 60K for just less than 20K. This audio program is for those that are ready to create a strategy and plan for their ideas to transform it to a business. Even when you have so many ideas or do not have a business idea, after attending this 7+ hours of training you will be able to craft a business by following through the 6 key milestones taught within this program. We have divided the program into 6 key components called milestones. 

Every milestone has multiple chapters and several work sessions which you will have to complete. While you listen to the program, you will receive a workbook which has all the work sessions included. With this workbook, you can specifically draft out your own plan by answering the questions and following through each work session appropriately. Your workbook is sent to you after you purchase this program. We have created some more business tools for you to get the best out of this program. Here are your 7 added business tools: 

  1. Video tutorials for the different aspects of this program: Maybe you are someone that likes to watch the author speak and learn using presentations, then dive into the video tutorial for free to learn more. As soon as you purchase this program, we will set up your free access to the video tutorials and you will receive an alert through your email. Here is the link to the video tutorials. 
  2. Business forum for support: We have created a special community forum where you can post questions as topics and get support from our team. Visit our community forum to start asking questions. 
  3. 2 pager tool: As you go along with the program, we encourage you to use this tool to capture the important aspects of your plan. Visit the 2 pager tool to start when you are ready. 
  4. 5 slide deck tool: Just in case you want to develop a quick summary of your business idea, here is the tool to guide you through. Visit The 5 slide deck tool to start when you are ready. 
  5. Excel tutorials: In our milestone 4 where we cover budgeting, you can vide the tutorials on creating excel sheets and budget here. 
  6. 6 key award: We are constantly looking for business ideas to support financially. When you are through with this program, you can apply for an award for your idea. 
  7. Mentoring: We are excited to invite you to join our inner circle. The 6 key inner circle is for those who have successfully completed the program and have their strategy ready. In the inner circle we will coach you to actually start selling and making profits from your idea. 
Gain free access to 80+ 6 key video tutorials
Meet your instructor
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Program creator & instructor

I am Joana, a social entrepreneur. I founded Joadre Business Lab in 2019 and Joadre platform in 2014. I was born in Edo state, Nigeria and have spent over a decade in Europe. My current base is Vienna, Austria and Lagos, Nigeria. My passion to build the capacity of African entrepreneurs and connect them to the global space has made me launch and complete dozens of projects like the NaWa film festival connecting 6 EU countries to Nigeria. I produced several films and released two biographical books. In the last 4 years, I raised funds to develop a prototype for a mass textile production network in Lagos serving stores in Europe. These projects were spearheaded by the Austrian government and private investors. Through my work as a social entrepreneur, I have been honoured to receive numerous awards. In my training and mentorship program, I will be bringing you the best content and solutions from the diaspora and network of experts. Feel free to connect with me here or on social media using the icons in the footer of this website.


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