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This workbook has been designed to provide you with an offline tool to help you capture your idea and design a plan or strategy to become successful with it. You are to use this workbook with the 6 key audio program training. If you want to get the training program, visit 6 key audio program. 

Includes all work sessions in the 6 key audio program.

 My vision is to enable you activate your own individual passion/s and use them to develop a business and life that you love. I strongly believe that you will become extraordinarily successful if you follow that path which was destined for you. I want to help you discover the activities that you are passionate about  and show you how to leverage them in other to build and grow a sustainable business or project. Within the 6 key program, we will explore entrepreneurship from a holistic approach, channelling your focus to align with the core vision of your life. I have invested time and effort to make topics like business financing, idea scouting, marketing, funding, planing exciting.

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