Butterfly Ankara print coat


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  • Inspired by Traditional Kimonos and African Buba.
  • Handmade Batik on 100% cotton. Made in Nigeria.
  • Custom made in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Available in Uk/EUR size S = 8/36 &10/38, M = 12/40 &14/42, L = 16/44 & 18/46.

Enjoy a brief, but intense infatuation of a stranger’s culture. Bring yours and they bring theirs. Mix it all up. Form new cultures. Remember the past, but let it crush in dust. Let the experience be so intense like the colors and lines hand dyed into these organic cotton. With so much love transferred from the hands of women in Togo to the hands of women in Nigeria. When the colors came together and the lines were formed like an uncertain path leading to paradise, all I could think about is how beautiful life is. Despite our differences, our uniqueness, our failures, our success, our cultures, we all seem to breath air, eat, drink and sleep without a guarantee that we will wake up tomorrow to do it all over again.