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  • Use our journal to keep track of your Fair Friday engagement.
  • Downloadable & home print version.
  • We have a print version we can send to you. to order our print version kindly visit “Fair Friday print Journal”.
  • Pages: 64.
  • author: Joana Adesuwa Reiterer.
  • special feature: African print frames.

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How to use:

On the next 2 pages, you will see a list of things you can choose to do. Let the checklist help you figure out what you can do but remember that you might even have better ideas. Try to do the things you enjoy and you find impactful.

I really would love to encourage you to focus more on consistency rather how many things you do on your fair Friday day. Why? You are more likely to transform this practice into a lifestyle habit when you build on consistency.

Every page represents a day, a “Fair Friday”. A day you decide to be conscious of your actions. This journal should last you a year and help you build on those impact you have always wanted to create. I have included two opportunities for you to share what you are grateful about and rate how you feel.

After you log in what you did by writing it down in the space provided. Remember to be aware of how you feel or felt afterwards by rating it between 1 (feel bad) to 10 (feel great).

Remember that, your tiny action on a fair Friday is so important to the cause. If you do not make a Friday fair, find another day in the week to make your fair friday.


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