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Self improvement through deep health. Pt. 2

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Continuing the previous blog from last week – Self improvement through deep health. Pt. 1, let’s understand the last 3 areas and find out how to develop our own program that suits our lifestyle. But remember that deep health is the whole person approach, a whole life approach to health.  The social area – deep health.  Now we talk about…

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Self improvement through a deep health. Pt. 1

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If you have read my previous blog on work life balance, you will understand my journey. In this blog, I want to deepen your understanding about the deep health approach. Deep health means that you approach your life from a wholesome perspective. So when you feel uneasy, you do not focus solely on the pain alone but begin to question…

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If you can not share knowlegde then start with a smile!

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Have you ever thought of doing something extraordinary for a friend, family member or even for a stranger?  “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside” – Denis Waitley. What do you count as being caring? Sharing does not necessarily mean you have to always give out your money,…

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