Joana Adesuwa Reiterer

Founder and Director
Brief info

I am Joana, a social entrepreneur. I founded Joadre Business Lab in 2019 and Joadre platform in 2014. I was born in Edo state, Nigeria and have spent over a decade in Europe. My current base is Vienna, Austria and Lagos, Nigeria. My passion to build the capacity of African entrepreneurs and connect them to the global space has made me launch and complete dozens of projects like the NaWa film festival connecting 6 EU countries to Nigeria. I produced several films and released two biographical books. In the last 4 years, I raised funds to develop a prototype for a mass textile production network in Lagos serving stores in Europe. These projects were spearheaded by the Austrian government and private investors. Through my work as a social entrepreneur, I have been honoured to receive numerous awards. In my training and mentorship program, I will be bringing you the best content and solutions from the diaspora and network of experts. Feel free to connect with me here or on social media using the icons in the footer of this website. It is my vision that you become your best possible self and transform your idea to wealth.

More details

I am Joana and the founder of the Joadre business lab and Joadre fashion.  I have spent the last 16 years developing ideas, businesses and projects in Africa and in Europe. One of which has allowed 2 Nigerian road-side tailors supply a sustainable chain store company, with 20+ stores in Europe. My mum was, actually still is a teacher. She would wake me up as early as 5am to learn. As a child, I thought she was simply an angry woman who disliked sleep and loved to scream “Good morning, time to read, exams is tomorrow”! Now, I am extremely grateful.

Traditional education is a must, but we must also compensate for the missing knowledge that our school curriculums has failed to pass on to us – little practical lessons for our daily personal and professional life. Our own experience and the experiences of other entrepreneurs is key to bridge this gap. African entrepreneurs, home and abroad, have priceless business knowledge, acquired through years of work experience. I want to help African SMEs get the most valuable content and support that they need to build their ideas into successful ventures. Are you ready learn, to build, to connect and to grow? Join my 6 key foundation program today. You can also begin with my free welcome series beneath to prepare your mindset.

For those who are passionate about creating social value, check out my social impact course on how to prevent humantrafficking. Cheers, Joana Adesuwa Caterer (Founder & creator of the 6 key foundation program). The journey! After Imoved to Lagos I found my way into the Nigerian film Industry, thanks to my uncle who is a renowned film director, Kabat. I attend as many castings for actresses, and yeee, excited @ 19, I got my first, second and more roles. After thispoint, the story is soooo longbut anyway, series of industry events, business deals, Polymer technology study and afashion boutique + first collection, was part of my achievements before I left Nigeria in 2003.

Every migrant has a story to tell about the new country, people and environment. But mine was clouded by my personalencounter to human trafficking. Dont ask, read my book:-)! 3 years went fast and I initiated a charity organisation, EXIT, in August 2006 to tackle trafficking in women from Africa. My engagement with EXIT brought me an unbelievable skillset and many recognition for which I am thankful for this once in a lifetime experience. Films were produced, events wereorganized, book tours across German-speaking Europe was a blast, people were informed and joined me on my journey toempower vulnerable women from Nigeria. Oscarwinning actress Emma Thompson joined the UN awareness role-playtheater presentation with me in Vienna @ the Austrian Parliament. My awareness engagement led me to New York @ thegeneral assembly. It also took me to other US states, Courtesy of the US department of States as a Young political leader, Europe minority groups.

Of course, we just can not avoid talking about human trafficking as often as possible, so there came series of paneldiscussions, research, media reports, articles, the NAWA film festival in Nigeria with Uche Jumbo and celebrity supportamong many other Nollywood stars, documentaries. I researched for the bookWare Frau”, translatedWomen ascommodities with Corinna Milborn and Mary Reuther (Two Austrian journalist).…and many other stiff has beenhappening. Ok, I am tired of keeping record. Most important for me right now, is My babythe Joadre lab!

People as me what languages I speak. Not much, just these 3 German (Which you can break down into German, Austrian German, Viennese German, Waldviertel German. ok there are more dialects but that’s all I can), English (breakdown to British, Nigeria, Pidgin, learning Warri slang:-)), Edo (except the deep one spoken @ the Obas palace). Just tomention, I released a second book called Hexen Kind, which was released parallel to a 90 minutes documentary for theGerman National TV. I am currently developing series of online courses to empower African entrepreneurs as well aslaunching the ARISE events in cities around the world.

Recognition and awards

  • Nomination, SocialMarie 2013
  • Ubuntu Honor in Category African communities by Radio Africa TV Int., 2012
  • Merit Awards by International womenclub Zonta, Vienna cityclub, 2012
  • Tara of the Life goes on Award, 2010
  • MiA Award in the category Humanitarian and Social Engagement, 2010
  • Nominated to the Alumni of the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) by the United States Department of States, 2009
  • Human rights award by the Austrian League for Human Rights, 2009
  • Ambassador of Peace by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, 2008

Some speaking/lectures/events

Lectures, participation in panel discussions and conferences, workshops and seminars on the topics: Women’s rights, migration, integration, EU-asylum, awareness-raising, social impact, social entrepreneurship, textile production etc.


  • Lecture Augsburg, Caritas 2019.
  • Lecture Film “Joy”, Linz 2019
  • Lecture Film “Joy”, Vienna 2019
  • Workshop in Wuppetal, Germany 10.11.2017
  • Workshop in Dusseldorf, Germany 11.2017
  • Discussion vienna 08.06.2017
  • HubCouture Pop-up @ Adamah Biohof fair. 21-22.04
  • HubCouture Pop-up @ Adamah Biohof fair. 28-29.04
  • University of Vienna Lecture 26.04.2017
  • Keynote, Soroptimist Vienna International, Nov. 2015
  • Lecture. Graz, Austria. 21.03.2013
  • Lecture AE. Vienna. 18.03.2013
  • Book presentation / lecture. Carinthia. 15.03.2013
  • Lecture Caritas Socialis, Vienna, 13.03.2013
  • Book presentation, Amstetten, 11.03.2013
  • Book presentation. 07.03.2013
  • Mia Awards. 08.03.2013
  • Lecture, VHS, Vienna, 23.01.2013
  • Panel discussion, in the Bruno Kreisky Forum, 04.12 2012
  • Lecture with a discussion, 19 October 2012, SOP, Graz
  • Book presentation “The Water Goddess” on 27th April. 2012 Wels.
  • Speech presentation at Radio Afrika / TV 15 years Gala on March 21, Vienna
  • Fachtagung / weiterbildung “The Curse”, on 16 March Munich, Germany

Acting engagements in the past

  • Hosting Joadre weekly with Joana web series (German), 2018/2019
  • Ute Bock Werbespot, Wien 2010
  • „Smily“ im Peter Pan Musical von einer Rampenlichtproduktion,
    Wien/NÖ 2006-2008
  • „Sema“ (Hauptdarstellerin), UN Aufklärungstheater,
    New York, 2008
  • „Sema“ (Hauptdarstellerin) mit Emma Thompson
    (Oscarpreisträgerin), UN Aufklärungstheater, Wien 2008
  • Theaterstück „Traum vom Paradies“ Wien, NÖ 2007
  • Komparse bei „42plus“  & Robbie Williams „Lovelight“,
    Wien 2006
  • Hauptdarstellerin im Film „The Immortal“, Lagos,
    Nigeria 2001
  • Als „Nanny“ zur Hauptdarstellerin im Film „The Prince“, 2000
    Edo State, Nigeria,
  • „Freundin“ zum Hauptdarsteller im Film „The True Love“, Lagos, Nigeria, 2000