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We are an ethnic-inspired fashion brand pulling strings against human trafficking. We cherish cultures. We love style.  But most important is our value. We stands for inclusion of vulnerable individuals, to be part of the current global textile and retail industry, earning a fair income to improve their livelihood. Human trafficking is real, it happens and it is significantly fuelled by poverty, unemployment in origin community and lack of awareness on both origin and destination regions. “No woman should fall victim to sexual exploitation. No woman should be trafficked. Every woman must have future prospects in her home town or community. We believe in the power every women we work with has. She has the power to change her life, inspire others and impact her environment.”…Joana Adesuwa Reiterer, CEO & founder of Joadre. Well now you know a little about us and what we do. Start getting involved by wearing one of our #ethnicNigerianpullstring bag to make a statement. 

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