How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

The barbing saloon is a business that will always remain profitable in Nigeria. Looking good is no longer a female thing; men also want to look good. They need a professional barber and a comprehensive service to cater to this growing desire to look fabulous. In this blog, I want us to explore some crucial details to help you launch your barbing saloon business. 

A barbing salon is a place where people, men especially, go to have their hair cut and styled. It is typical for men to visit the salon multiple times a week either to cut or shave their hair, bears. I was intrigued to visit a barbing saloon where they offered pedicures and manicures. Yes, most men do consume these services. Let us explore the requirements to start.

Requirements for starting a barbering salon business

A shop or place of business: for this, you have multiple options; you can either work from home, meet the hairdresser in your area to allow you to share her space with her for a token fee, or you work under another barber in your area. Be innovative. Do not let location hold you back! If you choose to get a location, remember that furnishing would be needed. Choose a very good location, somewhere accessible. 

Clippers: It is advised that you can start with one or two original clippers, which cost around N5000 from Jumia. Mind you, there are other places to order your clippers form. Make sure to read the manual, guarantee, and reviews. 

Standby Generator or Solar panels system: Unfortunately, you know the country’s power supply history. You can not afford to launch a venture without a standby power supply. However, research further on the possibility of using solar systems and storage batteries or inverters. It might not be as expensive as you think when you calculate the long-term effect of getting fuel or diesel. Also, the availability of these fuels, the time to cue up to get it and the pollution to the environment in terms of noise and CO2. I have seen very remote solar systems that can power all your equipment. 

Sterilizers: This is very important in a barbing salon as it is used to keep the barbering equipment in good condition and for hygienic purposes. We just exited a pandemic; you should increase your health and safety standards. You can find one for around N1500. 

Wall mirror: It is used by both the barber and the customer to see how the hair looks while cutting. You can get a good wall mirror from the local glass cutters for N25000, but you may not need it if you are doing the barbering salon/hairdresser option. Also do not forget the hand mirror. People love to see the back of their hair.

Rotating chair: You need at least one for a start. You can get this for around N15000.

Fan: We recommend a chargeable version and something portable. Prices could start from N30000 upwards. But remember, to avoid this cost, you should rent space at an existing barbers saloon with all these significant infrastructures in place.

How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

Some other essential tools you need to start a barbing saloon business.

  • Hair Relaxer- N1500
  • Hair comb sets -N1000
  • Hair conditioner- N1500
  • Long shaving brush and slot- N1500
  • Professional barber’s duster – N2000
  • Human hair brush- N1500
  • Barber’s neck strip- N2000
  • Neck Tissue paper- N2000

Before purchasing these tools, please take time and create your barbing saloon business plan. Planning before you spend money to launch a new venture is vital. Trust me! Let us assume that you have these tools in place and your primary concern is getting your first clients. You should budget some amount for promotion – to print business bars, flyers, brochures or a signboard. Remember, a signboard call for payment of dues in some regions. 

Have you considered registering your business? Read this blog to get more tips. You must nail your intended target clients to the point. You know what they want and how much they are ready to pay. But also visit our JoadreTribe app to find answers to all legal questions regarding business registration. 

It is time to start! Be innovative

With less than 200K, you can start your barbing Salon business. Can you start with less, like 50K? Yes, you can. Simply opt-in to rent a space at an existing salon. Also, remember that you can diversify your services. If you can afford space, get a fridge and offer chilled drinks. Get internet and a coffee spot to offer even more comfort for your clients. Add an online booking opportunity to make their life easier. Get a television screen to keep the atmosphere for entertainment on. All you need to know is the real demographics of your potential clients. Join our JoadreTribe to continue to get tips and info on how to grow your ideas. 

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Thank you for reading to the end. 



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