7 unbelievable 21st century questions to ask!

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18 months march through the desert, 2 years in Lampedusa refugees camp, 4 years in spain on the streets, 3 years in italian on the streets and later 6 years in Austria working in a brothel, after which she was repatriated back to her home country. Before grace embarked on this tragic journey to Europe, she had a 3 year old daughter…

More than ever, 45 million Enslaved.

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Humans could be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they had no right whatsoever to withdraw from that kind of arrangement.  Whatever they earned belonged to the person who owned them. This sounds primitive to have slaves, right? But you will be shocked if i told you that it was only 9 years ago that the last country actually outlawed this classic kind of slavery.

modern slavery

More Than Ever, 45 Million People Are enslaved! Modern slavery

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But for who do they have to work for?. Who are they salves to?. Who do they produce for or render services to?. Apart from the person or network directly profiting from their work by forcefully taking the money they earn, the products they make and the services they render, finds its way into our global retail and consumer industry.…

ted donauinsel joana adesuwa reiterer trafficking

Your clothes can prevent trafficking. My TEDx Talk

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Oh yes, I felt moved and empowered by the multiple feedback in black and white, in a glass with my name on it. These positive feedback affirmed my vision to restructure global cash-flow in the retail of consumer goods, to increase the income margin for people actually making our goods.