Teeth that are together, help each other in chewing food

Kenyan proverb

Joana Adesuwa Reiterer: Director

Expertise: Management & Investment. Find more about Joana here >

ADESINA Itohan: Management Strategist

Expertise: Administrative & Network

Keldarrella Rachel Eshiet

ESHIET Keldarrella Rachel: Media producer

Expertise: Media Production & Network

SCHNEIDER Simon: IT Developer & Programmer

Expertise: Software development

REITERER Harald: Business Developer & Strategist

Expertise: Strategist & Investment

joadre abosede fashion producer

AMAVI Abosede: Fashion Production Manager 

Expertise: Textile & Fashion production manager

Joadre Adesina Idowu

ADESINA Idowu: Sales  Manager 

Expertise: Sales, strategy development 

OLAWOYIN Olamide Samuel: Assistant to Director

Expertise: Content Development, Branding and PR

Other team members: 

  1. Richard Aiwansedo (Strategist)
  2. Sogo Dasilva (Law & Legal)
  3. Ani Gina (Logistics Manager)