5 Must-have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Months back, a young girl living next to my compound approached me, and asked, Uncle, what do you think entrepreneurship is? Before I could gather my thoughts together, she punched me with another question and another question. For this article,  I’ll be using my neighbour’s number one question to pilot this article. First, by identifying what entrepreneurship is? And, share 5 Must-have Apps for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is what?

Entrepreneurship can simply be explained as the decision to take ownership of a business, finance the business, take risks that come with it, with the hope of making a profit. In other words, entrepreneurship is the decision to bear risk, identify opportunities, translate innovations/ideas into a marketable product. Check out how you can incorporate social entrepreneurship to grow your business. Here is also a link to sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear from us.

5 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Having established what entrepreneurship is, let’s dive further.  I wouldn’t know If you have ever needed to access your files while away, or needed to post on your multiple social media platforms, or lost a flash drive you copied your file. All of that can be frustrating right? You know with the pressure that comes with entrepreneurship! Okay! Relax, now smile, read further, you would learn about the 5 must-have apps we have shortlisted to make life easier for you.

  1. Google Workspace
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Canva
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Adobe Fill & Sign

Google WorkSpace

Let’s start with Google workspace. This isn’t just one app, it is a set of communication and collaboration apps, specially built for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and their team to work together. My experience with this app so far has been thrilling. Not only would I not have to bite my fingers, when urgently in need of a document saved on my home PC, or when my laptop is out of battery. If I still have my phone on. I can surely access my files and get working.

Not just that. I also don’t get to experience the loss of files due to viruses or any other unexplainable mystery associated with the local disk. If you buy a plan, you would be provided with a custom email for your business and particularly enjoy collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meets, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more. For instance, I started this article on my laptop. But ran out of battery and had to continue on my phone. From the exact point I stopped. Cool right!

Hootsuite – The right suite for entrepreneurs

Social media have continued to have a great impact on brands, business, how business is done, what product is to be made, and have influenced key decisions in business. For some, they have succeeded in building their business through social media. While for some others, social media tore down their brand and business. But whichever case, it all depends on how social media are managed. 

As an entrepreneur, Hootsuite will give you a platform to efficiently manage your business social media pages. By making it possible for you to plan and schedule your online content/post ahead across all your social media accounts at once. Meaning you would be consistent with your engagement. Another interesting thing is that you can monitor mentions of your brand name, across all the social networks. With Hootsuite, say bye-bye to I forgot to post this morning.

Canva – A must-have for entrepreneurs

With Canva, the knowledge of design has just been democratized. In that, with surplus tools and templates available on the app, you get to unlock every bit of your creativity and design just like a pro. When you need to create social media content, a doc, promo poster, infographic or even something else that is graphic-related. Canva will help you with all of it. With tons of customisable, ready-to-use templates. Meanwhile, to enjoy unrestricted access to Canva tools and resources, you need the paid plan.

MailChimp – Newsletter Tool for Entrepreneurs

At some point or the other in your journey, you would need to engage in email marketing to grow your business. You would send newsletters. As an entrepreneur, Mailchimp makes it easy for you to manage your email lists and create email marketing campaigns and automatedly send them to customers. You may have been wondering for long, how your name gets to appear on the mail you receive from other businesses. You may probably have even thought that they took their time to send it one by one. No! They didn’t. Mailchimp makes it possible for you to do that.

Adobe Fill & Sign

I can’t remember the last time I printed a document to sign on it, then scan and send it back. Where is the time for all of that? Adobe fill & sign allows you to put your signature on a digital document, eliminating the stress. Sign contracts/documents on the go without printing. You will also be able to store them on the cloud to reuse the next time you need to sign. Your files too will be securely stored on the cloud. For us at Joadre, making it easy for entrepreneurs to achieve thier dreams, is what we love doing. 

Meanwhile, we have developed a unique app to bring together on one platform,  both international partners/investors and Nigerian entrepreneurs to share business data intelligence and connect both to the market. The App is going through the test stage and you can be a part of the testers by downloading right here. Want to stay connected to know when we have opportunities, kindly sign up to our newsletter. For more content, check our YouTube channel

Thank you for reading to the end. Please remember to share with someone who might need this information.


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