6 Sustainable Christmas Gifts Made In Nigeria

Christmas is around the corner, and you’re busy shopping for gifts. Finding truly sustainable and unique things is hard, but you can still find those gifts in Nigeria. This year, instead of buying traditional Christmas gifts, we want to show you sustainable items that would make your friends and family feel special. We found a lot of great gifts, including hand-stitched clothing, pottery, handwoven clothes, and even custom jewellery. Many of these gifts were made in Nigeria, a country that is often overlooked when it comes to the world’s supply chains. We enlisted the help of artists, designers and sustainability experts to double-check our recommendations. In this blog, I’ll share some of our favourite picks for Christmas gifts.

  • Set of Wooden Plates
  • CaxtonAlile Table Lamp
  • Aso-Oke
  • Beaker Basket
  • Carrier Bag
  • Vase by Cherryclay

Set of Wooden Bowl – @Behicrafts

Give someone a biodegradable and compostable wooden plate today. By doing so, you’ll be helping to save our planet from the massive quantity of plastic pollution caused by improper plastic disposal. It is, nevertheless, an exotic gift that will create an indelible impact on your recipient. Behicrafts’ version is fancy and inventive, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of art. It uses a sophisticated and well-finished wood substance with a silky touch that you won’t stop admiring. Not to mention how often you’d like it to feature in your selfies. Give this present to your friends and family today, and you can count on a grin and a “that’s a really thoughtful message” from them.

CaxtonAlile Table Lamp – @Caxtonalileliving

There are table lights, and then there are environmentally friendly table lamps. This pick comes from @Caxtonalileliving, a Nigerian-owned company. It’s a charming and classic table lamp designed with a rustic wooden base and a complementary fabric shade. It is an appealing bedside lamp and can sit elegantly atop any side table across the gift recipient’s home or office. This Christmas spread some love and light with this timeless present.


Aso-oke is a cotton-thread-based handwoven cloth. It is divided into three different varieties: Sanyan, Alaari, and Etu. Each has its own distinct character. Sanya is constructed entirely of wild silk and cotton threads, whereas Alaari is made of a combination of shining thread and cotton, occasionally with perforated motifs. Etu, on the other hand, is a dark indigo woven so-oke with minimal stripes. This gift is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also a vintage and appropriate Christmas present. Mind you, those who have made this their source of income are still fighting to recover from Covid19, placing SDG8 in peril.


With beakers, making a mistake is never an option. This product embodies adaptability. It may be used as a serving tray, vase, flower pot carrier, cloth storage, side table accent, wall accent, or centre table item. In the pantry or kitchen, wicker baskets are also quite useful and may be found in a variety of sizes depending on the need. If kept in a climate that is neither too dry nor too humid, it sure can withstand the test of time. You’ll be surprised to learn that this product is manufactured extensively in Lagos, Nigeria. The aged and rustic appeal of a home with a moderate amount of beakers is something you can never grow sick of. This Christmas, give this item as a gift, and you’ll be showered with gratitude from the receiver. Shop for one here.

Carrier Bags/Rucksacks

The adage “it’s the little things that count” must be familiar to you. Yes, it is definitely correct. We discovered wonderful, eco-friendly carrier bags for travellers who need to safely store their water bottles, meal packs, journals, and other small belongings. Good news! Joadre’s carrier bags are made to be attractive and, in fact a trendy fashion item. Joadre’s bag designers stepped up the game by adding African-inspired embellishments and customising the bags as a statement of ownership. This Christmas, a rucksack/carrier bag from Joadre is a smart gift that may also protect the environment by preventing the unsafe disposal of plastic bags. Just so you know, Some of these bags are medium-sized, and you can never get bored of carrying them.

Cherry Clay Pot – @cherryclay

Cherry Clay pot is an authentically Made-in-Naija product. The pots are so exquisite that they bear witness to the artist’s many years of expertise in creating unique garden pots, enormous planters, and other items for hotels, homeowners, and gardeners. Our favourite in CherryClay collections is the clay vase with a special combination of elements that gives it a gleaming appearance and a smooth texture. It is, without a doubt, a great accent for a room, a home shelf, an office shelf, and many other decor demands. Don’t snooze on this one. This Christmas 2022, buy some of this Mother Earth gift and give some as presents.

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