Success Begins Now! Prime, Deprogram And 5 More Tips.

Was this year a success? As we come to the end of the year, we are faced with a kind of reckoning on the year about to end. A kind of process begins internally where we tend to look back proud or disappointed. Yes, the pandemic affected many! There is a sincere desire to reach for a more successful future in the new year. For some, it becomes melancholic as they reflect on things that didn’t work well this year. Others feel grateful for just making it to today and retaining their jobs. Many, they have a new list of resolutions, waiting to move along “again” into the new year. How does this year’s end feel to you?

7 takeaways from this year 

In this blog article, I want us to explore some key internal workings that would be vital for next year’s success. In the last blog – years Review, we reviewed all we talked about last year. Now let’s look into the future. If you like it or not, the future is coming! We pray to be part of it and yes, let’s live it to its fullest. Here are a few things we have learned so far and reserved in our luggage for this coming year. 

  1. Be willing to try something new
  2. Be willing to learn something new
  3. Know thyself and prime thyself to success
  4. Take care of you. Be good to you!
  5. Have a plan but be fluid
  6. Deprogram your mind and reboot towards success
  7. Think Equity beyond the box
Be willing to try something new

People keep talking about the comfort zone. This concept is so diverse and varies depending on so many factors. But one thing that seems constant is that you feel it. You can feel when it is time to go beyond your comfy space if you can turn into your intuition. If you can’t, maybe listen to your mind, your body. You feel when something new is calling to you but at the same time, you are swallowed up in fear. 

Scale that potential “new experience”  with your status quo. Would it make it better? Would it make you become a much happier person? If you tend to see the positive values and it overrides the negatives of the status quo, then go for it. Here is how it ends – Either you enjoyed the ride  or you learned which ride never to take. Either way, you are an experience richer!

Be willing to learn something new

Mind you when you step into a new experience, the most challenging part might be embracing new knowledge. Learning is a continuous process. Traditional schooling makes us believe after university or college, we have attained. Yes, you have attained to be useful in society. But what about being valuable to yourself and your community?  You can’t afford to stay stagnant, you have to always be in learning! 

Our world is evolving so fast that learning today takes all diverse forms. Take For example, our freshly launched app – The Joadre Tribe. It is a digital space to learn, in your pocket. Find what speaks to your deeper self. Find what resonates with the values you would like to contribute to this world. 

Know thyself and prime thyself to success

Many went through this year in an autopilot mode. Just doing what they do and letting life happen to them. Can you feel yourself? Your thoughts? Do you know how you react to specific things? Have you developed a routine that seems to trap you? I remember when I was so hooked on watching videos before I slept and how that affected the quality of my sleep. It didn’t stop there, in sleep. My thoughts navigated towards the content I consumed. 

If you feed yourself with negativity, welcome to “destructive fear’. Yes, there is “constructive fear”. If you expose your mind to comparisons against retouched social media postings of strangers you barely know, welcome to anxiety. If you know how these things affect you, even smell, then you can prime yourself. Priming means to act intentionally to generate a certain feeling or reaction. Sooner or later, it was sound, smell and light that became my good night practice and it worked. I know myself. What about you? Find out more mindful practices to take care of yourself as an entrepreneur in this blog. 

Take care of you! Be good to your body

Remember that saying “healthy body, healthy mind”…? Well it’s so true! What you feed your body is as well important as what you feed your mind. Depending on where you stay and the possibilities you have, exercise should always be integrated into your weekly routine. There are tons of exercises that do not need a gym nor much space. One of the most effective body work to get out excess energy and negativity is Stretching and dancing. 

Actually, if you want sustained success, then dance! Key is that you do it intentionally. Make time to care for your body. When you intentionally exercise, you align your mind, soul and spirit with the muscles of your body. There are many options out there. Find out what works for you and integrate it as consistently as possible into this new year. 

Have a plan but be fluid

I am one of those that will tell you to have a plan but here again I say, remain fluid. Oftentimes we dream or envision possibilities or aspirations that are within our exposure. Stay open!  Strategise, plan, set goals, have a to-do list and so on. All these are excellent mechanics of entrepreneurship – check our business plan blog and Next Level YouTube Playlist if you need the mech and tech. 

However, nothing should be absolute. Nothing should be written in stone. Be open to expose yourself to industries, ideas, people, experiences way far away from your usual space. You might just see that the plan you have crafted all these past 10 years was preparing you to become a leader in a very different sector. Welcome to life!

Deprogram your mind and reboot towards success

Personally, I dislike the word mind programming. We are not robots, at least not yet! LOL. We are human beings with an essence of the divine and a manifestation of life energy. Energy, indeed. This is what gets infiltrated by our environment. Depending on your environment, you would have absorbed some kind of virtue, ethics, ideas, concepts, identities, name it all. That’s the plasticity of our life energy. Which means again, nothing is absolute. You can begin to reprogram your mind. But first, deprogram! Start by critically reviewing some of thes multiple ideas, identities and concepts you find extremely normal. Redefine what success means to you. 

Think Equity beyond the box

There is a box, believe me you or not. The world today needs several boxes to be able to create a system of management or/and control. Are you in a managed box? Or is it a controlled box? Maybe it is just a box? Do you see a box? Now the box questions would not stop right? So let’s forget it. We recognise there is a box, but we choose to think beyond. The concept of equity has not been explored enough by Africans in Africa nor by Africans in the diaspora. 

Own your life and define your happiness!

The phrase – “You will own nothing and be happier” that emerged from Davos WEF (World Economic Forum) is questionable. Don’t be fooled. Who defines “happier”? Who governs the idea “own nothing”? My dear brothers, sisters, fellow authors and readers, please, if you choose to own nothing, at least own your life. Be custodians of our planet. Define what happiness means to you and its relationship to the collective. Then review your plans (Fluid plans) for the new year. In the coming year, we would explore so much. We would find synergies between science, technology, spirituality and indigenous practices. These synergies will help you own your life and design life towards success

Our team is grateful for this year’s ending. 

The whole crew is grateful for a new year coming. 


From Joadre team in Europe and in Africa. 

We love you. 

*We are on break and will resume on the 10th of January. 

I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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