3 Templates To Help You Launch Your Business – WHY, Blueprint And Road Map

Congratulations! You are ready to launch your business after sieving through plenty of ideas. You have found the one you connect with and are prepared to give all to make it successful. But what next? We have been there and often come back to this point at Joadre when we want to launch a new project or sub-aspect of our business. Since these 3 templates have been precious to our success, we want to share them with you. Follow them chronologically, as that is how they can be applied effectively. Let’s delve in step-by-step – Start with finding your WHY!

Tip: Print out the templates, and grab a drink and a pen before you start!

WHY – Understand your WHY

Finding your “why” for a business idea involves discovering your venture’s deeper purpose and motivations. Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” concept suggests that successful businesses are often driven by a strong sense of purpose beyond making money. 

#3 Start with Why – Simon Sinek

The book tells you how to create your company’s “WHY” but also looks into failed techniques. 

  • Page number: 256
  • Publishing company: Portfolio
  • Date: 27th December 2011
  • ISBN: 9781591846444
  • Click to get book >

We have an exercise for you below, but here is a brief step-by-step guide to help you find your “why” for a business idea:

Self-Reflect: Begin by asking yourself a series of questions:

   – What are your passions and interests?

   – What values are important to you?

   – What problems or challenges in the world resonate with you?

   – What impact do you want to have on your customers, community, or society?

Identify Your Strengths: Consider your skills, expertise, and experiences. How can you leverage them to address the problems or challenges you’re passionate about?

Connect Emotionally: Think about how your business idea aligns with your personal values and passions. Your emotional connection to the idea can drive your commitment and perseverance.

We have created our own template and the 6 Key Workbook we use to discover the deeper purpose and love for any project we want to start with. Get these tools for FREE and work through the exercises. Understanding your WHY is crucial to the success of your idea.

How to use the WHY template 

  1. Start by asking yourself the question – Why do I want to launch this idea? As the thoughts and answers float at the back of your mind, begin to explore the “Method boxes”. If you do not want to forget them, jot it down with a pencil in the WHY box now.
  2. What are you passionate about? It could be a thing or a topic. Write it in the appropriate method box.
  3. What activities bring you joy? Write it in the appropriate method box.
  4. What thing, topic, or experience makes you afraid? What are your fears? Write it in the appropriate method box.
  5. Which experiences have you had that really were unforgettable for you. Write it in the appropriate method box.
  6. What do you want to change in your space, community or society? Write it in the appropriate method box.
  7. Now move to identify patterns in those 5 method boxes. Are there things that were repeated again and again? List them in the box. 
  8. It is time to return the thoughts and answers to the why questions. From the list written down in the pattern box, combine to form a stringer motivation – a deeper WHY. Re-write or update your WHY in the box provided. 
  9. Remember to tick where you feel your WHY stands – Survival, thriving, Status, freedom, PURPOSE? 

Remember that finding your “why” is a journey that may require time and introspection. It’s not just about a catchy slogan; it’s about creating a genuine and meaningful foundation for your business that inspires both you and others.

Blueprint – Design Your Journey

Everyone has their own unique path to achieving their dreams, ventures, goals or imagination. Now, let us use our template to help you develop your very individual blueprint. Download our blueprint template here, and let’s start by locating your starting point. 

  1. Fill in the name of the project, business or idea. If you do not have one, think of a provisional title. 
  2. It is essential to set a period for yourself. This will help you become more accountable to yourself. Do you want to explore this journey for 6 months or longer? For 5 years or 10? Identify the period for this primary goal. You can use this same blueprint template for smaller sub-projects or activities. 
  3. Then go beneath the “I am here” circle and write your status quo. For example, if you want to start a restaurant and already have an empty space, your status quo is I have an unquipped space, etc.
  4. Go back up to the “I want to be here” circle and define what you want to have achieved by the end of your chosen period. Be very specific. To state, “I want to launch a great restaurant,” is vague. What is an excellent restaurant from your perspective? Would you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Have 12 employees? Have 10 tables? Have your own menu? Have 100 regular customers? Have a pompous indigenous interior design? Do you see what we mean? Be specific! If that space is insufficient, get a plane sheet to be your “I want to be here” circle!
  5. Now break down all you need to do to take you from the circle “I am here” to the circle “I want to be here”. Arrange them under 6 categories and label each category as a milestone. Write the title of the milestones to be what is accomplished. Keep the breakdowns, as you will need them now for the following template tool – Road Map!

Tip: Place this Blueprint on the wall in a space you visit regularly to remind yourself of your unique journey and mission. 

Road Map – Travel your path smoothly!

We are almost done. Get your Road Map template here

Now, let us get deeper into the nitty gritty of each milestone you identified in your blueprint. Remember the breakdown we said you should keep? Pull them out now. List every activity you can remember that you must accomplish to help you complete each milestone. Remember to write the name and period to achieve the overall idea.  

When you feel lost and need help knowing the next step, return to the road map and check whether things are still open or unachieved! Thats it. We wish you great luck and energy in practising these action steps. 

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Thank you for reading to the end. 



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