Navigating the AI Frontier: 7 Strategies To Stay Relevant in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, AI is reshaping industries, from healthcare to finance. The new message is that we as humans and all the things we create, be it our ideas or businesses, must adapt and embrace the AI revolution to remain pertinent. Let us change our perspective for a brief second. In many African societies, oral traditions and knowledge systems encoded medicinal knowledge, agricultural practices and information, which were employed in ancient times. 

Yes, these are not AI as we know it today, but these knowledge systems were forms of information storage and retrieval. So, if our ancestors already knew how to store and reengage information, why are we waiting? Can we bend AI to meet our human demands? You can stay in the traditional concepts, but when you are open to trying new paths, here are seven strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

  1. Leverage your experiences. 
  2. Continuous Learning is Key. 
  3. Interdisciplinary Thinking.
  4. Collaboration, not Competition. 
  5. Entrepreneurial Ventures.
  6. Innovative Solutions.
  7. Speed and Adaptability. 

Leverage your experiences. 

Your experiences make the difference. From our DNA to what we experience daily, we are unique. No one has your story or the combination of things you have in the same way. It may be your heritage, background, skills, life circumstances, and more. We have come to an era where these things matter so much. 

  • Action step: Make some time to map out your unique experiences. 
  • Helpful tool: Xperience Mapping – Available on the JoadreTRIBE platform. After you log in, click Joadre Xperience Map to access this tool.

Continuous Learning is Key. 

The field of AI is constantly advancing. More so, should you evaluate where you are right now to discover where you should be heading and how. Whether you’re a professional or an entrepreneur, invest time in learning about the latest AI developments. Beyond learning about AI developments, there are a lot of new human-oriented skills that are becoming more relevant today. Find what is employable in your field and learn more about it. Also, how to use and harness AI technology is crucial. For example, our language is changing. New skills to create AI-driven prompts would be needed for future assistants, secretaries and other fields.

Interdisciplinary Thinking.

One-way streets are blocked now. Yes, you should specialise and harness the capability to think interdisciplinaryly. AI is not limited to computer scientists alone. Cross-disciplinary skills are invaluable. AI knowledge is most efficient when combined with expertise in healthcare, finance, marketing and more. This is how you can attain a unique cutting-edge solution and stay ahead of your counterparts.

Collaboration, not Competition. 

Can you compete with a medium that has no consciousness? Rather than viewing AI as a threat, consider it a tool to enhance your capabilities. Collaborate with AI systems to boost productivity and efficiency. This approach ensures you stay relevant by leveraging AI rather than competing against it.

Entrepreneurial Ventures.

As we head into this new world, consider ideas that can be enhanced with the new technologies available. If you are in the ideation phase, this is the time to look for opportunities where AI can make a difference. AI-powered startups are flourishing, addressing problems in novel ways. Identifying a niche where AI can create value is a smart move.

Innovative Solutions.

This is the time to evaluate if you have been in the game for a while. Depending on the problem your solution solves, conduct a check-in to see if there are new ways to approach that problem that differ from how you have been doing it. What technology is available? Can you design an up-to-date variation to offer alongside your traditional product? Introduce new and innovative ways to solve problems within the business model. This can include adopting cutting-edge technology or rethinking traditional processes.

  • Action step: Make some time to check in on your business. 
  • Helpful tool: General Check-up – Available on the JoadreTRIBE platform. After you log in, click General Check-up to access this tool.

Speed and Adaptability. 

If you want to stay ahead, especially in an environment where startup capital is limited, you must remain open to new technologies and methodologies. The old way of doing things only favours those it has favoured. If that is not you, then be ready to adapt and embrace speed. Speed does not mean your life should get hectic. It means better time management and clarity about where you want to head and how to get there. Remember, flexibility is crucial in the AI landscape, where innovations occur rapidly.

This AI Vs. Human scenario will shock you. 

Bamilola launched a marketing agency a while ago. She has struggled to find talent in Lagos. Over six months, she has had to stop three workers. She is on her fourth, but this employee is always on sick leave. The first one delivered her copy late, leading to angry clients. The second had many errors in her document, even when Bamilola introduced her to correction software. She was not bothered to learn how to use it. The third one felt overwhelmed by delivering one copy per week. They all earned an average of 280 dollars per month. 

There are over 90 million underemployed or unemployed in the country. Bamilola, a small business owner, feels obligated to help solve that problem by employing one person. Like many small business owners, she too must retain clients and make a favourable decision to her business. 

Bamilola discovered 10 AI tools and began to learn. After four months, she subscribed to the paying version of all tools, and right now, she spends about 220 dollars monthly paying for the tools. However, they generate copy, documents, text, content and lots more for Bamilola. She edits her content faster, gets suggestions, and everything is on point. Her clients are happy, and she can grow. Why should Bamilola retain the employees who cost her 280 dollars each and a headache?

In this story, AI has kicked off Bamilola’s employee. For Bamilola to scale her business, she is looking for employees ready to learn how to use these tools. The issue here is that the 280-dollar salary went to an employee in Nigeria. However, the 220 dollars for the AI tools goes to large corporations and venture capitalists in the West. Do you see how capital is being extracted right before our eyes? But truthfully, would you rather struggle to survive with employees without a vision, or would you strive for efficiency and ease? The creators of AI know your answer already! 

This is where the traditional school system should wake up. Before they do, self-education platforms like our JoadreTRIBE are bridging the gap with future-oriented learning. Relax. We know this article is extensive, but we have you covered. Stay with us on the tribe as we break down each point and create new tools to help you master and harness future technology. 

>> Call to African diasporas. 

Do not wait for global politics to fix the issues in the African continent. Many are busy chasing the next technological breakthrough or the next war. Most of us have access to travel to explore because we can afford it, and we have the liberty to express ourselves. It is time to learn, discover, and return to the continent. 

Other strategies to stay ahead of the new developments include networking with AI professionals, leveraging your brand and storytelling skills, and tailoring your business to cater to the specific needs of underserved niches and customers. 

In conclusion, staying relevant is not about resisting change but embracing it and defining its impact. Continuous learning, ethical considerations, collaboration, and a forward-thinking mindset will ensure you remain relevant in the AI-driven future.

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