Wealth combination? Consciousness and exposure.

 Depending on the news channel, it could all be drama, tragedy or a disaster, especially CoVid, that is the news! But believe me, life is still beautiful. However, there are still many social issues disturbing our world today that  we have no choice other than tackle each of them step by step, irrespective of what’s hot cake in the news today. Today, I want us to look at “Exposure” as it is key to us attaining sustainable wealth. 

Awareness and exposure brings sustainable wealth for African SMEs.

Sometimes change and prosperity seems to happen very slow for many. Even a snail is faster, you can conclude. So you might become discouraged to even try to create any kind of impact. But the truth is that we need everyone’s involvement so that we can overtake the snail. For you to get involved, you need the right information, the right kind of awareness and exposure about the issue you want to tackle. Who should be informed right now so  that we can move forward better as a global village? We often tend to focus on the affected people, wanting to change their lives, give them what we have defined for them to be a better life. 

To my privileged friends. For those that are privileged and have wealth already, is that “better-life” solution really better for the affected? Yes, we are privileged in so many areas from the cars we drive to what latest electronic gadget we can afford, but is that the essence of our human existence? Would our daily material privilege give us the deeper joy we all yearn for?

Our collectivism as humans is the key. Exposure is a chance!

Believe me when I say that at the end of the day, it is humanity that matters. How we interact with our fellow people on this planet, irrespective of if we share the same social constructs that we have also well created like nationality, race, gender, relationship status, class, religion and many more. All these constructs are not negative. We all feel the desire to belong to a group. But when we make the essence of our lives revolve around these constructs only, we tend to forget that at the end it’s the collective that matters. You and I will pass away. A new generation will come. They too will pass away. Another will come. It is an unending circle. 

So I suggest that our time here is more about how we can begin to tap into the collectiveness of our humanity? When you choose to open your eyes, listen, feel empathy and connect, you choose to become exposed to the experiences of others. You allow yourself to be part of a bigger picture. Then your own creative and innovative consciousness evolves. You begin to see the possibilities around you. Take for example “conscious consumption”. How can you transform this experience?

Not just a consumer culture, but a human experience. 

Our daily consumption is more than just a consumer culture, except we make it just that. When we feel the need to purchase or use something, it’s a deeper human feeling directing us to that experience. Are we present in the  moment to live through the experience with the awareness that what we want to consume did not fall from the sky but somehow came to being either through technology or manpower. Except you stand outside with your mouth open to drink rain water, even that bottle of natural spring water or sachet water went through a process involving manpower and technology. 

They are actually human beings like you. 

Now that we agree that humans are involved one way or the other in creating what we consume, how can we begin to acknowledge their value? Are we willing to learn more about them? Are we willing to deal with our own emotional issues leading us to indulge in excessive consumerism of things we do not need or actually want? Because if we can deal with these emotions, we would have just about enough to save and invest into those things we actually need. Maybe invest in our own further education. Maybe we will be willing to pay a fair price for products we love and this would be the foundation for many SMEs to earn a fair income for their hard work. And Maybe you are just one of such SME.

The fact is that we are part of a collective experience called humanity. We often voluntarily detach ourselves daily by wearing our acclaimed social construct. Before we do so tomorrow morning, let’s take this moment to look within and be aware that we are part of this collectiveness. To be open to ask ourselves “How can I be of service with what I consume?” OR “How can I be of service to others”? I know many entrepreneurs or aspiring business people overlook this important sensuality. But that’s where the hidden key to wealth lies. When you are aware and extraordinarily ready to be of service.

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I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.


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