3 Success Misconceptions To Rethink To Become Successful

There is probably no other phenomenon that is as difficult to define as success. Do you know how difficult it will be to count the strands of hair on our head? That is how difficult it is to define it, as well as count the various definitions given to it. The difficulty could be associated with the fact that it means different things to different people. To one person, success means getting 1st position in their academic pursuit. For another, it is adding a couple of zeros to the salary earned (Yes, I am now earning in seven figures kind of success!).

Its relativity has led to many misconceptions about its definition. In this article, we would attempt to identify and burst 3 common misconceptions about success. Most importantly, It should at the end prompt an inner search within you. We hope to stimulate you to search within you, what does success truly mean to me?

You must have loads of experience and work insane hours

This is a misconception that you need to have a lot of experience before you can become successful. Well, in as much as experience is a thing, success doesn’t directly need much of that from anyone. All success is asking of you is smartness. How does that come about? For instance, if you have an interest in the clothing industry, you may enrol in a short course to equip yourself with the requisite knowledge. You don’t need to have 500 years of industry experience yourself. The smart decision will be to partner with someone who has experience in the industry. Do that and watch as success smiles at you.

All success is asking of you is smartness.


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Become Mr and Ms. Bussy for success

Another leg of this misconception is that you need to be hardworking or work insane hours to achieve success. No wonder everyone is forming” Mr and Ms Busy”. Well, what success has asked of you is smart work. This means consistency and not hard work in the common sense of it. There is a difference in these things. Take, for instance, achieving a toned muscle. It is about being consistent with your workout routine, smartly developing, say, 1 hour per day to work out, not dying at the gym on Saturday by spending 7am to 6pm. You want to Become successful! Try this simple master technique dished out in our previous blog.

The Overnight Success Virus

We decided to call this a virus because it is rampant now. Everyone wants to make it overnight without putting in the effort, by effort, we mean smart work, endurance and patience. Well, you can’t really blame people for this misconception. Why? Because no one really talks about the phase they passed through before making it in either career or pursuit. Unfortunately, those who decide to talk, sometimes, just overwhelm. They ridiculously overwhelm everything with bad energy, which just makes someone with a feeble mind say they can’t make it. 

This overnight success virus makes people involved in all sorts of criminal activities. Often times many become victims of fraud by committing a Ponzi scheme, alias 30% ROI. There is no other way to put this, success requires patience. It will be easier to accept this fact when one agrees that success is not a destination, rather, it is a continuous effort or behaviour at achieving excellence.

How to identify Ponzi Scheme

Success is all about Money?

It will be untrue if we totally say it has nothing to do with financial or economic achievement. However, we can debate that it is not just about having money. While it may be true that you need money to live a good life, it is also true that beyond money you need other things that give you ultimate fulfilment. If you don’t discover these things on time and allow your attention to be only on money, it is possible to end up with a less fulfilled life. 

We are not ignorant of the fact that you need money to get what you want. Yea money is a means to an end in achieving your goals. It is safe to hang it on the fact that until you make enough money, you may never get to know that real success is not in and all about making money. Still, you must and need to make money.

On a final note, when it comes to defining or explaining it, you must always remember that success is not a destination, rather it is a continuous effort or behaviour at achieving excellence. Now, over to you, what does success mean to you? Do you know of any other misconceptions, let’s hear from you in the comment box.

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Thank you for reading to the end. 


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