The Magic. Build Businesses In Africa

We have launched our tribe and we are working to build businesses in Africa. Imagine this!

Imagine what 3000 of you can create – cross-continental tribe

This is only the begin of an idea we have birthed since 2006, as we started off by counselling young Nigeria women who survived human trafficking, a form of slavery and exploitation, in Europe. Now the idea has come to fruition. We have created this platform. It is on you to get on board, share with friends, connect with us and let’s grow this together. Join us here and start the change now. 

Imagine this, 1000 small businesses on board from Nigeria, 1000 African diasporas from all over the world and 1000 native Europeans from all over the world, coming together to create a sustainable global economic ecosystem. 

Money is not the driver of our case, but money we would use

Sustainable firstly by deep values, that are integrated, and not separated from economics. Culture, society, community, spirituality, all working together in our economic space. We embrace all these aspects of human existence and inspire our tribe to develop only products and services that truly enhance these aspects while the pursuit of economic gains. Money remains an idea, a collective idea we have come to accept as a form of exchange. Money remains an instrument we use to start small businesses. Therefore, money is not the driver of our case.

Build in your space of expertise towards the vision of a sustainable world. 

Services and products made by the tribe members are used by the tribe members if geographical delivery permits. Proceeds from the tribe subscriptions are invested in the tribe members and community ideas. We deliberate, we showcase, we suggest, we move together. Joadre is aware that there are many groups on social media that are fair and want to recreate a new kind of sustainable ecosystem, but on Joadre, it is not about creating content and making members do the work of creating content, it is about everyone building in their space of expertise towards the vision of a sustainable world. 

What We Do. How We Develop On The Tribe

  • When we have major decisions to make that would affect our tribe, we share, we debate and we vote. 
  • Using our weekly blogs, weekly videos and podcast, we publish new information relevant to the ecosystem. Not based on mainstream trends, but based on the possibility of growth for our members. 
  • Our goal is to use our tribe subscription profits to develop funds for businesses in Africa as we intend to scale our platform to other African cities. 
  • We want you to understand deep information, back information, analysis and how it is relevant to your small business, ideas or intended ventures. 
  • We want to show you the opportunities and blind spots within the global economic ecosystem. 
  • We want to help you start your ideas and guide you towards how it can truly become a sustainable venture that empowers and gives value. 
  • It is our mission to help you find that unique business proposition from within the unique mind you possess. 
  • We host live meetings online and in person as workshops, group meetups and large conventions. 
  • We are building social capital, financial capital, network, partnerships and links to create synergies within our tribe web. 

Joadre is a place for inspiration as we share stories and biographies from and with the tribe, as we showcase others journeys and show you how they navigate challenges. We have realised that funding ideas, funds to start, and the right partners on ground are key aspects for you, so we are working at the background, discussing with funding partners to get on board as investors, to open more possibilities to you in the tribe. We release more features based on what you really need. 

Stay curious and build businesses in Africa

Joadre was launched to help you start your side or full time business. Now you know the zeal and drive we possess. You know how serious and in-depth we have been studying history and the status quo, you know how hard we are working behind the scenes, this is your opportunity to be part of our work. Join the tribe. All these opportunities and features are only available for our tribe members. Get the tribe app – available right here, learn, stay curious  and build business in Africa. 

Get Involved, Join The Joadre Movement and Here Is How!

The process is easy! First, Welcome. Since we will release more tools and features in the future, it is important you have one login for all our features from live event access to digital platforms. Get on the tribe page at, sign up with either your email or socials. 

You will be directed to the app on google play store (IOS for Apple users is in the making, and a web app will be released soon). If you have only Apple, we will still make sure you are involved. Get our newsletter, so we keep you in the loop with infos, updates, opportunities as they happen. 

You can follow us on social media, but remember, we do not own any social media platform, so if we get censored for our truth, you might lose contact with us, so newsletter is still the best option. Nevertheless, it seems to look good if the social media platform has many followers. If you are already on them, follow these accounts – Joadre instagram, Joadre Facebook, Joadre Pinterest, Joadre Linkedin page, Joadre Twitter and Joadre YouTube

That was it for now. Sorry it is a long article, but we now have it for you to share, debate about it and give us your feedback. This is the first step. Do you want to partner with us or contact us, just use our contact form to reach out.

Thank you for reading to the end. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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