6 Essentials Beyond Money To Improve Lives In Nigeria

Over the weekend, we stumbled on a survey report highlighting the most urgent needs of Nigerians right now – money! Nigeria, as a country, faces a multitude of challenges right now. Many Nigerians feel that money is their primary need, especially with the current inflation! While this feeling is understandable, and we all can agree that financial stability is essential, other urgent basic requirements are necessary to manoeuvre through these challenging times. Amongst others, these five needs are crucial;

  1. Access to electricity.
  2. Better security.
  3. Reliable and affordable transportation.
  4. Accessible loans for SMEs.
  5. Access to quality healthcare. 
  6. Improved educational opportunities.

As much as money is essential, these things are incredibly necessary to improve the lives of Nigerians. 

Access to electricity creates growth.

Iya Turkey, a striving single mother selling frozen food, has managed to raise her three sons with this business. One would expect such a business to have grown over the years, but the lack of power supply has made her business stagnant. Turkey upon Turkey has been damaged due to the fluctuating power supply. She invested money to purchase a small generator, but the fuel prices and availability have fluctuated over the years. Iya Turkey’s business cannot grow! With this consistent challenge, many brilliant entrepreneurs find it hard to cope or become innovative. 

Better security brings more money.

Tope, a young event photographer who works late nights, has been a victim to Robberberry and police brutality. Remember the #endSARS protest? Read more about it here > End SARS. He usually uses the money he makes to bail himself or risks having his equipment taken from him. This makes it difficult for Tope to save up money. Tope dreams of exploring some regions in the North for their landscape, architecture and culture, but he is afraid to travel there. Tope is one in thousands of young creatives who feel restricted by insecurity and, therefore, become limited in developing their creative work. 

Reliable and affordable transportation fosters development.

Emeka, an unemployed graduate, finally gets a job on the island. However, he lives in Ikorodu, so he must wake up as early as 4 a.m. to prepare for work. Not only does he have to deal with the early morning traffic, but he also has to deal with the high cost of transportation and possible robbery on the highway. He has to be productive because his employer wouldn’t care if he is coming from heaven; he just has to work. If more attention is paid to developing the transportation system, many people would be more productive since less time and effort if spent commuting.

Accessible loans prevent poverty.

Take Mummy Aliyah, a middle-aged widow who lost her husband and is left with 3 children to care for. As a single mother, she has an idea to sell thrift clothes but doesn’t have enough money to start the business. Do you think a bank will give her a loan? Suppose the government could intervene with a sustainable low-interest or interest-free loan, and Mummy Aliyah can launch her business properly. Would she not become self-sufficient? Would we not be empowering her and her children? Check out our 5 Key Strategies To Increase Business Growth – Joadre if you find yourself in the position of growing your business now. You will agree that even though many fintech companies in the country offer quick loans, how many of them are sincerely good and created to empower the recipient? Also, check our blog for tips on raising funds – Raise Funds For Your Business.

Access to good healthcare creates more entrepreneurship.

Without good health, no matter your great business idea or side hustle, you cannot develop it. Take Tola, an undergraduate who almost lost her younger sibling to typhoid. At the height of her sibling’s illness, they visited a primary health centre, which is supposed to be free, right? But she struggled to afford the outrageous medical tests and the prescribed drugs. Tola had to use up all her saved-up money, which she wanted to launch a business with, to pay the medical bills. 

Access to better education opens opportunities.

Unfortunately, Fareedah, an intelligent young girl from a financially poor household, attends a low-budget learning centre. Her parents cannot afford the textbooks, uniforms, and petty fees required for diverse projects. Often, Fareedah has to skip lessons to help her parents at the market. Due to the kind of mediocre education she is being exposed to and the inconsistency of her training, her potential is under-explored. Like many youngsters meandering the streets, she needs to be offered the platform to expand her mind and bring her dreams to fruition. 

At Joadre, we bridge these discrepancies with our TRIBE platform, where we expose you to ideas and practical training to grow your idea. Let us know what you think. Are there other essential needs we have omitted from this top 6 list? Here are the 7 Most Lucrative Businesses In 2023 for Nigeria – Joadre

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