Grow Your Laundry Business In Nigeria. #5

Hey! Excited you are here again. Trust you have had a swell time reading the previous articles in this blog series on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria. Recall in the last blog we touched on the setup process to start a laundry business. In this part of the blog series, we will be exploring how to grow your laundry business while also answering questions like- how do I market my laundry business? How much do I charge Customers if I start a laundry business?

Time Management/Delivery is non-negotiable in laundry business

You see, the laundry business is a deadline-driven business, people have parties to attend, events to attend to, offices to go to, meetings etc. They are employing your service because they want to relieve themselves of the stress of having to worry about their laundry and they believe that you would be able to deliver efficient service. So when you tell them to come pick-up on say Friday. It must be Friday, because they may have exhausted all their clean clothes with an expectation that you are bringing in their well-laundered clothes on Friday, so they relax.

You must manage time well, from washing to drying, to ironing, packaging and to the last stage, if you want to have enough output. Ironing for example can be tricky because it takes a long time if you are not careful. If you are consistently on time, you can grow your business through existing customer referrals. 

Laundry Business Management

All being said, your business management skill must be top-notch. Find time to build yourself. It is only when you do this that you can get insights to drive your business to the next level, compete in the market, and even expand to become a large scale laundry company. You should know that there are Ways to manage money to grow your business.

How do I market my laundry business?

The truth is, just like any other business, you might not be making huge sales at first, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Rather what you should be doing is strategizing, pushing your brand out there. People always think that marketing is just promotion and advertising. Please look at the services you offer. Make sure it is good for the price you are aching – pricing. Look at what others charge. We will explore this further. 

Meanwhile, let’s explore your placement. Get more branding into your space. Do not set up like a classic or traditional laundry. Make your space cossy for someone to actually wait to read a book, if you can afford it. We will explore more in our Startup Podcast! How do you communicate your offers to the customers. BRand in a way that people know it is you. Follow one branding line. The simpler, the better!

Capitalise on word of mouth as you do not have unlimited cash to lavish on digital marketing. Start by telling friends about it. Host an opening partly. Tell your friends to come with a guest or so. Be innovative. Your hosted party can be about a new fashion trend. It must not be about laundry work. Engage with your existing network  to refer others. Bank on word of mouth very well as it is the cheapest  and most effective promo strategy. 

Here are some marketing strategies you can tap into if you have just started your laundry business to attract customers. Subscribe to this platform to always be the first to receive our latest content.

  • Limited Free Service: Mark the word limited. You can get customers to your door by offering limited free service. Give them an offer, say, wash your 2 shirts and get free washing for your trousers.(You know something like restaurants do, free tasting.) When you attract them with this and they try your service and see the excellent service you give. They try you out again. It is now left for you to strive to retain them. 
  • Offer Subscription Service, when you offer a subscription service, give them discounts to attract new customers and ensure you offer excellent service to encourage referrals.
  • Offer Promos
  • Open Social Media Page and Make good use of them, especially updating with “useful and valuable content”.
  • Create a customer database to motor growth and retention
How much do I charge Customers if I start a laundry business?

Pricing: First and foremost, in order for you to determine the price you want to offer your service, you must first ensure that the value gotten from your service matches the amount paid. For a starter, you can start by patronising other people doing this kind of business in your area and identify how much they charge. Fix yours around this range. Check the income level of the people around too. However, some people just decide from scratch that they are not targeting locals around but target people living in premium areas. Such people offer home/office pick-up and charge a premium too. Don’t chase potential customers away with high prices and don’t stoop too low so that you don’t make sufficient profit. check out THE TYPICAL LAUNDRY PRICE LIST beneath. 

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