How To Find Great Business Ideas From Within

Today, it’s called Design thinking. But from the beginning of our human existence, we have always interacted deep within our tribe to find their needs and create a solution that fits that very need. As we merge into a translucent global tribe, that approach tends to fade. One product must serve every tribe, and every tribe must need the same thing. 

We must move towards design thinking to find unique and great business ideas. This article explores the basic steps to crafting excellent business ideas that help the consumers it is intended for. 

Channel your challenge to birth solutions & great business ideas.

When we face challenges, we crave answers, signs, coincidences, breakthroughs or simple light in e tunnel. However, you want to call it. It is our desire for that which is more than the mundane life that motivates us to become. So when we turn to our entrepreneurial life, why do we not explore these patterns to find great business ideas? When you feel the pain of a particular challenge, write it down. 

Begin to ponder this challenge, dismantling its parts into small pieces you can comprehend. Then answer the big question: How would you solve it. The process of dismantling your challenges or problems makes you understand them better. You know the situation so well that you can define it. 

Find your tribe to create great business ideas.

Now that you understand this problem and are beginning to brainstorm ideas to solve it, make sure you do not limit yourself to only what you know. Identify the individuals or organisations that may face the same problem or profit from a possible solution. When you have identified them, move to connect with them. If you want great business ideas, you must take great steps. 

Present the problem and dismantle the pieces. 

When you meet this audience through a one-on-one meeting or group session, gather their thoughts and accept feedback. Then ask for solutions or what they would rather have instead of the problem. Ask how they would solve this problem. Share your solution ideas. Have multiple ideas. Let people be open to sharing their critical and “bad” ideas because that is how you can develop a great business idea. Great ideas come from bad ones!

Take a break to self-reflect. 

Set aside time to meditate and connect deeply with yourself. If you practice any of the world’s religions, you are taught to wallow in the fellowship of your brethren. Still, even the prophets and spiritual leaders at the centre of these religions spent much time alone. We will explore “fellowship” as a collaboration tool to find ideas in future blog articles. But let’s explore the power of self. Community and collaboration are essential, but you have to know who you are and what you crave to create and have the motivation and self-inspiration to create that which is authentic. Meditate in your way. Find your answer to what exact desire your longing wants to still.

Make time to ponder your solution solutions. 

Stop looking outside for a minute. To be able to create something unique, you must feel unique. How can you feel special when you continuously compare and wish for the things you do not have? You will always feel a void and emptiness. Great ideas rarely come from the void and empty mind. Even these 35+ business ideas we discuss in our FREE Class are to give you a framework. You are expected to reinvent them to suit your space. So to create something unique, find some quiet time to ponder the solutions you have gathered. You will have some great business ideas you want to start when you are done. 

The following steps will be to create a plan, find a network or partners and funds and launch. In our curricula for students and savvy entrepreneurs, we explore in depth how to find your business idea and niche, taking you to step by step through the launching process. 

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