Top 5 Digital Skills For Entrepreneurs 

Digital skills are the ability to explore, appraise, analyse, share, and create content using information technology and the Internet. The Internet has impacted every aspect of our lives, including entrepreneurship. Digital technology has made it possible for people from very far geographical regions to connect. This connectivity allows us to access and offer services or products to previously unimaginable locations. Learning the highlighted digital skills below will lessen your operating expenses and boost your chances of success as an entrepreneur. You stand an opportunity to compete with more giant corporations and enhance your company’s efficiency.

  1. Design: Many excellent concepts began with a design phase. Learn how to create design mockups of your idea. Design isn’t just about how something appears but also how it functions. You can extend the visual design mockup to an actual prototype for testing.  
  2. Digital Marketing: It’s worthless if you make the best product in the world and no one knows about it. Learn about digital marketing topics such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimisation, content marketing, and email marketing.
  3. Digital Accounting: Equip yourself with digital accounting tools to make day-to-day accounting for your company a breeze. They can also be programmed to work with other software programs you use. If popular software is too complex or expensive, you can start with google Sheets. Google sheet is an online excel-like document. 
  4. Automation: A good number of tools can allow you to schedule your publishing, from blogs to newsletters and social media posts. Performing tasks that software can do is not hard work but a complete waste of time. Visit our tools platform ( to see which we recommend for the different tasks. 
  5. Analytics: Simply because you like something doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Make data-driven decisions. Learn how to interpret large amounts of data, trends, and behaviours. Recognise patterns and forecast the future. Today’s web analytic tools include Google Analytics, Kissmetric, Keyword Planners, and Google Trends.

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