Essentiality Of Media Training For Entrepreneurs//Pt. 2

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Media training is a set of communication skills designed to help people express themselves and tell their stories. It can be taught to people of all experience levels, and it can be provided in a variety of ways, such as one-on-one meetings, small-group meetings, in-person and online training, and more. Also, it can help people learn how to respond to difficult questions and situations, improve their relationships with the media, and feel more confident speaking with the media. For example, it can help an entrepreneur feel more in control of the media narrative about their business and ensure that the story they want to tell is told. This is Part 2 of the blog series on media training. If you’ve just stumbled on this content, do well to read up on the previous part.

4 Reasons Why You Need to be Media Trained Right Now?

  1. Storytelling: Media training can help improve your storytelling skill. Storytelling on the other hand, will help you connect with your audience, gain empathy, and create a bond with your customers. In case you don’t know Before you start a business idea, do this!
  2. Removes Anxiety:  If you always feel anxious or something, media training can help improve your presentation skill. It can point you to your natural voice, the right body language, and how to calm your nerves. All of these will in turn boost your confidence, giving credibility to your pitches. Bonus, it will help you maintain focus on your narrative. At Joadre, we connect entrepreneurs with investors, and we do this in a dynamic way. One of them is through media interviews with chosen entrepreneurs. At some point, when we ask the entrepreneur to tell their story, pitch their business to potential investors, ask what they need, etc. I would quickly discover anxiety. Some underbid out of anxiety, while others just continue to be camera shy. Even though they have the right words, it’s buried in the abyss of their stomach.
  3. Agenda Setting: Agenda in this case is the narrative you want about your brand or business. What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand? Media training will help you create what is known as Key Message about your business. And, everytime you appear behind a microphone, in front of a camera, or maybe behind keypads, that is your core message. You get to know how to frame your narrative and achieve desired effect. Basic Education For Entrepreneurs. 7 Must Haves.
  4. Guides: It will guide your heart to pick the right media to reach your target audience. For example, it’s easier to reach artisans through radio than television. Wondering how? Radio is mobile, and the majority listen to radio while working, you can’t say the same of TV. Even when choosing the radio station, you also need to consider language.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Media Trained?

The price of training depends on the number of participants, number of hours needed, amongst many other factors. But surely, you can always negotiate. Nonetheless if you consider the amount it costs to fix a communication problem, you’ll definitely agree that preparation cost is cheaper. Looking for an expert to media training you or your executive, reach out to us here.

Never forget this!

The media is constantly searching for new stories, information or interesting events to sustain the attention of their audience. At some point, you or your business may be found as the subject of the news. Don’t be shocked yet! All you need is to have had good media training to face the journalists when they call, and ask for your side of the story. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you should invest in media training now.

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Samuel Olawoyin
Samuel Olawoyin
Olawoyin Olamide. Head of marketing Joadre with strong expertise in branding, content development and PR.

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