Entrepreneurship Mindset. Quick Money Vs. Long Term vision!  

So many youths today want to venture into entrepreneurship but at the same time many want to make quick money. Somehow these two goals do not necessarily go hand in hand. The truth about entrepreneurship that many glamorous showcases of the industry do not portray is that entrepreneurship is a long term journey. Even if you are looking up to people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, remember that he started small in his hostel campus. Many entrepreneurs most people look up to today have started their journey years back and some even failed multiple times, lost so much money, before finetuning their ideas to become successful.

This part of the journey is often summarised in two or three words that the audience underestimates the struggle or journey. What do you want? If your goal is to make quick money because you see these adverts of how you can work from a beach on one island and make money while you sleep, then Entrepreneurship is not for you. Seriously!

Make money while you sleep.

Not every idea can become a business nor generate money while you sleep. Most entrepreneurs have physical businesses and have to be there to operate their businesses. So generating cash in sleep is practically impossible. It is often through online businesses that you get that opportunity to earn while you sleep in the first place. And it does not come without a price though. To make money while you sleep means that you create digital products that sell even with your absence. Meaning these products and/or services don’t need your physical presence to sell itself.

Which means you have to have the knowledge to create such products in the first place. Of course you can invest by lending cash to other entrepreneurs and wait for payback and interest. This could mean “make money while you sleep” but you need to have that huge capital to invest in the first place.  If your goal is to make quick money without effort, there is practically no method out there that will give you quick money for a long period without hard work. Most ideas out there that promises you quick money are often from people who need you to do some kind of questionable marketing job or scam. So be careful.

If making quick money was that easy, it will not be quick money anymore as everyone will do it and it becomes the normal time span to make money. But if you are bent on making quick money now, ask yourself “what about tomorrow?” Is it not wiser to build a sustainable income stream? Do you constantly want to be under the pressure to make money everyday from scratch? If you think that you should start a business to make money quick, then you are deceiving yourself.

Long term entrepreneurship approach.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon rather than a sprint. You’ll have to devote a huge proportion of your waking hours to your business if you want it to succeed. You’ll also be devoting a huge amount of your brain space to it. There is a whole lot of personal investment to be made. The investment you make now might not yield financial profits immediately or even in 6 months. But here is the upside. Entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling journeys to embark on for so many reasons. I explain why you should be an entrepreneur in this blog – 3 reasons to start. Yes, you can create a blueprint and develop a legacy. Your earnings opportunity is unlimited if you are creative.

So my dear friend. It is time to dish that quick money making mentality. Imagine all the months and years you might have spent trying to make quick money. If you back then sat down and did some deep thinking to come up with a good business idea to start, where will you be today. Probably earning some good profits that can cover your life expenses. Why you want to make quick money might be the pressure you have to cater for your family, but often, it is the lack of real ideas to make money that is the issue.

So if finding a good idea is your challenge, you have so many business ideas in my blog that you can look into. Take for example these 3 blogs.

  1. 12 Online business for Students in Nigeria
  2. Lucrative Online business to Start from Home
  3. 3 tips to Make more Sales in your Online Business

They are all ideas you can start from your home and funny enough, most of them give you that opportunity to make money while you sleep. But you have to be ready to do the work!

3 key takeaway from this blog
  1. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Settle for long term vision rather than a quick money model.
  3. Yes, you can make money while you sleep but be ready to do the work while you are awake.

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