2022 is Here! Let it be all about building Equity!

Before we could realise all we have planned for the last year, 2022  arrived. Oh my God, it is the beginning of a new year. I bet some of you have crafted your famous new year resolutions. Congratulations. We are grateful to see another year after all that Covid dilemma last year and hopefully, 2022 is positively different. In this blog, I want to suggest a radical approach for you Entrepreneurs! This approach will be instrumental in how this year turns out for you. Let 2022 be all about building Equity! Equity in the sense that you begin to think real, innovative and big. Struggling to make money is a cheap escape. Take ownership! 

“You will own nothing and be happy” 

According to a campaign from the World Economic Forum, Davos, it suggests you will own nothing and be happy.  But funny enough, all those panelists at the WEF, most of them own the largest part of our global space economically, property wise, patents and what more! So seriously, own nothing? Yes, own no bullshit like unnecessary vaine products. Those crap eats through your wallet and you will still not be content nor happy. Then yes, own no such thing in 2022. Do with what you have. Here is the key for 2022 onwards. Take ownership. Own your life. Own Equity.  This may sound controversial for some of you. But please, I encourage you to read on, think about what I am saying and then decide.  

Don’t let gratification distract you in 2022

Over the last decades, many people have spoken out about diverse social issues affecting them as individuals or very small groups who share a common identity. One way or the other we have tried to make our voice count. We forget the cause as soon as a slight distraction is slammed on us offering us instant gratification. Be it social media, be it shopping, be it binge watching, be it addictive substances, be it clinging to hot-button topics, you name it. Many have accepted the status quo and found a way to cope with it. Must it be that way?  2022 is not just a newy year, but a new chance to reset and engage life with a full intent, with a sincere “WHY”. Do you desire something more meaningful for your life and the community you live in? This new year offers you a chance to create that. 

Build equity, take ownership

In many societies today, the system of governance, economics and politics have become so intertwined that it becomes hard to actually serve the people with true intent. Today, the world’s economy is owned by just a very narrow percent of the world population. How can this be? How did we get here? Apart from the fact that there are structures deliberately designed to favour economic power, we the people might just have been compliant.  Do we still have a chance to reverse things towards a more decentralised and balanced global economy? Yes we do! Approach 1 is to take ownership and build equity within your communities and beyond!

Dissolve your petti boundaries for collective validation

You might feel you do not have the capacity, the ressources, the voice, the power nor the social capital to instigate change. Believe me you do. There lies a super power in our collectiveness. Approach 2 is to dissolve our petti boundaries and focus towards the things that really matter. I know “what really matters” is subjective, but hey let us apply common sense here now. Climate change will affect everyone. Wars both hot and cold affect global economics, and trickles down as inflation in remote places. Unemployment has a ripple effect beyond those actually affected. Health crisis is proven now to affect the global society. So hey, find the petti boundaries you have and dissolve them in 2022. Does not make them invalid. 

Dissolving these boundaries allows for a collective validation of the individual issues. We will explore more in future content in our app. I know that every individual has a topic or two that affects them directly, so that becomes a pressing issue to advocate for. But the truth is that we have to put back some of our own individual hot-button issues for now in the second row to be able to bring the real issues to the forefront. 

Let’s talk about education and information in Africa. 

Approach 3 is to start asking those uncomfortable questions. Why do many African societies rely on the west for education and information? How come many African educational systems still employ the colonial curriculum? If you look at Nigeria today for example, it is 2022 and many schools still have not woken up to the fact that the true treasure of knowledge lies within the collective remembrance of the people. Why is history not taught anymore in many schools in Nigeria for example. If you do not know where you have been, you will keep repeating the same route. 

I am not saying not to adopt education from the west. Not that’s not what I am saying. And here is the problem if you assume that is the message. Nothing is absolute. It is not always either or! The western technological advancement, though only possible from the exploitation of the so-called global south, has brought about extraordinary advancement. However sometimes, this advancement comes with a very high price. The price is often paid by others who do not have access to enjoy the advancement of the technology. 

So what I am saying is that how rich would African societies be if we can integrate what has been separated. It is time to redefine education. Time to tap into what we knew, what we know and connect it to what is possible now technologically. For example, medical education in universities must integrate aspects of Traditional African Medicine into its foundation. Yes, I just suggested that. I told you 2022, we talk real fearless stuff. It’s Time to evolve. This blog is longer than usual. Sorry!

Indigenous medicine rebranded

In Europe and America, scientists have long realised that some indigeneous techniques have to be studied and disintegrated. But my brothers and sisters are still trying to disassociate themselves from their heritage. Then when it is rebranded as a new scientific breakthrough and served in the highest PR remake, you buy into it. You pay through your nose for it. You travel abroad for it. E.g Meditation. Extremely effective and used all over the west. However, African traditional healers have long employed diverse forms of meditation in the practices hundreds of years ago. People, cherish what you have and rediscover them!

Diasporas can bring about change

It is time for those well intended wealthiest Africans to fund true African Research and Development. Actually the government should spearhead this. Speaking of the power of the people. This is way stronger. Why can’t a group of scientists in diasporas come together, partner with on-ground African scientists,  create just a 20K dollar fund to give stipends to African researchers to explore the medicines from the tradition. And a quick advice would be that patents be developed for findings and accessible for African production of medications resulting. So you see, 2022 can become a revolutionary year where we wake up from our slumber and begin to develop true equity.  

Connect with us for more insights

It is going to be a year of true change. This blog is not the fancy new years resolution self-help junk. No, this kind of pettiness is for the past. Let’s talk about real stuff. Time to talk about real equity building. My dear, start getting used to some revolutionary ideas and approaches coming out of Joadre in 2022. Want to know more, stay subscribed. These ideas are free to explore. Just connect with us on our app platform to get further exposure on how to move your ideas. I wish you a great start and all the best for the next months in 2022. See you next week at Joadre. 



I am Joana, a Nigerian-born Austrian-based entrepreneur and activist. Founded Joadre in 2012 and continue to develop content to engage and empower African SMEs.

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