5 Top Techniques To Brainstorm Great Business Ideas 

Even seasoned entrepreneurs come to a certain point in their journey where they need to brainstorm ideas just like they did at the beginning. Brainstorming business ideas is all about generating creative and innovative concepts that have the potential to solve problems, fulfil needs, or capitalize on emerging trends. You might be looking for ideas to start a business with, so let’s explore ways to effectively brainstorm and find what works for you. Remember, there is no wrong answer during Brainstorming! Here are our top xxx ways you can use to brainstorm business ideas:

  1. Mind mapping
  2. Problem-Solution Exercise
  3. Analogous Thinking
  4. Reverse Engineering
  5. SCAMPER Technique

Brainstorm Ideas Using The Mind Mapping Technique.

Get a piece of paper and write a central idea or theme in the middle. Spend some time reflecting on what you have written out. Now expand that central theme by writing out every related concept, feature, and possibility that comes to your mind. When you apply this visual approach, you can uncover different angles and connections to your initial idea. Download our mind mapping template here > 

Be The Case Study Using A Problem-Solution Exercise

We all have issues we want to change or feel we know better how they should be handled. This is where you can imagine! Start by Identifying problems or pain points in your own life or in your community. If you do not find one single issue to identify within your space, then look further into society at large. Now, find common threads. You can get a friend or two to join you in this exercise, and you all identify things that come up repeatedly. After identifying problems, brainstorm solutions or business ideas that could address these issues effectively.

Analogous Thinking – Search outside the box

This exercise is vital if you are already aware of the industry you want to start a business in. Look outside your industry for inspiration. Start by listing at least 3 sectors outside the one you are venturing into. Research and list successful concepts from these unrelated fields. Now, brainstorm how their principles could be applied to your business idea. We are always curious about the results when our students do this exercise, so feel free to share yours with us using our contact menus in Joadre TRIBE.

Reverse Engineer To Find Your Great Idea

Start by choosing an existing product, service, or business model. Choose one for now, but you can carry out this exercise multiple times. Ask yourself these three questions: How can you improve it? What would you modify and why? Can you adapt it to create something new and unique? Note down your answers on a sheet of paper and repeat this exercise for similar products, services, or business models. Do this for at least three matching products, then begin to find common answers within. Does any result stand out?

SCAMPER Technique Brings Seven New Variations

SCAMPER stands for a series of strategies – Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse. To use this method, you must have generated a few ideas or know what you might like to do. But if you do not have an existing idea, pick an idea, product or business you admire and love so much. That business that you wish you owned! The exercise here is to create variations and new concepts of the ideas you like. Let us apply these strategies to your ideas to create variations and new concepts. You will derive at least seven new versions. This is how you go about it – If you were to “Substitute” your idea or the product you love for a similar one, what/how would that look like? Carry on with the other strategies and find seven new versions. 

Time to wrap up and brainstorm!

There are at least ten more methods you can use, like SWOT Analysis, Niche Exploration, Random Word/Stimulus Generation, Questioning, Role Reversal, Future Trends Analysis, Collaborative Brainstorming, Start with “What If…technique, Visual Collages, Forced Connections and some more.

Remember, the goal of Brainstorming and your mission with this exercise is to generate a wide range of ideas without filtering them initially. After you are done, and you have a substantial list, you can then begin to evaluate and refine the most promising ones you connect with based on feasibility, market demand, and your own skills and interests. There are many ways to evaluate your ideas. For example, you can use our Idea Canva Template to fine-tune your identified ideas. 

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