Organic Skincare? “Leave Me Alone!” Cries Your Skin!

Glow, Skin-popping and Sun kiss, these and many more are common names seen around adverts. These adverts call on unsuspecting internet users to come to patronize Organic Skincare products.  Even though it’s a fantastic thing to glow, shouldn’t we do it carefully and consciously? Knowing fully well that our skin absorbs at least 60% of whatever is applied to it. Are you really sure that product you’ve recently just bought is truly organic? Pay attention, listen attentively to the voice of your skin. Are you attentive enough to hear your skin saying leave me alone? Find out in this article if what you’ve been using is truly organic. In the end, you should have learnt the difference between organic, natural and biologically ethical products. Also, you will find out why you should be conscious and careful of what you buy for your skin. You must listen to the voice of your skin.

What is an Organic Skincare product?

The term “organic” refers to how the ingredients in a product are being farmed, processed as well as packaged. In a simpler term, it means the ingredients are grown without the usage of artificial fertilizer, preservatives, artificial hormones, pesticides or any other chemical. So too the packaging too utilises organic materials. Organic products are therefore those products which total ingredients are from this source.

Flash News: The fact that a skin product carries a label with “organic” boldly written on it doesn’t at all make it so. Let’s explore.

Difference Between Organic Skincare Product and Natural Skincare Product

We have settled the bill by explaining what an organic product is. Now let’s look at natural products. It is not alien to us that people often use these words interchangeably. In fact, many have either assumed or concluded that they meant the same thing. But that’s not true at all and you’ll soon find out. A natural product is one which major or all ingredients are derived from plants,  animal by-products, or minerals. You said Wooooow! Yeah! An organic product is critically concerned with the process with which those ingredients are grown or bred to the final stage of production. 

Let’s situate it, if you are using egg as a face mask, that’s a natural product. But that egg, you don’t know the source(parent) or even the process it has gone through. What if the egg was bred by a chicken which fed on antibiotics. Say too that the chickens genes were already manipulated to grow within 9 weeks to maturity? Your egg will contain antibiotics too! SO when you go for a natural product, always make sure that it is organic as well. Check how you can get that glow without using bleaching cream.

Because of how vulnerable the word ‘natural’ is and limited regulations on its usage, many companies have engaged in unethical behaviour. Putting the tag ‘natural’ on their product label to expedite sales action. Since the spectrum of what is natural is quite broad and no one is regulating. Organic products on the other hand in saner climes (ohhh! how I hate to use this word; saner climes…LOL) have strict quality control, check or regulation.

Biologically Ethical Skincare Products

On the other hand, biologically ethical skincare products are those that the manufacturer has ensured that all ingredients (mostly synthetic ingredients) used in its production pose no threat to the human skin or life. Synthetic chemicals do not necessarily call for concerns. There’s rather concern and uncertainty about some chemicals with the potential of causing harmful effects on the skin and the human body. 

For example, Hydroquinone used in many bleaching creams has been identified to be carcinogenic, alongside other chemical products like mercury and kojic acid. If not prescribed by a doctor, it’s better to avoid usage. Stay connected to receive more well-being content for entrepreneurs.

Leave me alone your skin cries

Having established the difference between organic, natural and biologically ethical products. The concern is the pseudo-dermatologist parading our street beckoning innocent people to come buy organic skincare products, so that what? You can glow.  It’s not a problem if those products are truly organic. But most are not. Not when one actually confessed to using hair relaxers and unnamed chemicals as part of the ingredients for ‘organic’ product. Their usual promise is that “When you use it, your skin will tone” (tone, really! Just call it what it is, bleach). 

What Organic Skincare does not do!

Some have said that when they started using these products truly their skin popped, but the moment they stopped, they were attacked by a legion of acne, eczema. Then they had to rush back to buy more. But now it’s no longer giving them the same result as when they first got it, it’s rather giving their skin a confusing complexion, yet they can’t stop, because they are afraid of the army of acne and eczema that’s camping outside to attack them.

I want to heal myself your skin says

But if you think you don’t want to stop because of acne, please do it because of allergies, hormone disruption and ultimately skin cancer. You don’t want to have to be all covered up when you grow a little older because of damaged skin. You can actually stop now. The good news is, the skin is capable of healing and defending(the stratum corneum is there to prevent unwanted materials from entering) itself. 

In short, there are different types of blood cells and collagen in the body that rush to the point where injury may have occurred and repair the skin. Yours is to strengthen the activities of these cells by taking good sleep, eating a good diet, exercising regularly, and living a healthier life. What do I know, I am not a medical professional. All this advice I am dishing out here is not medical advice. They are common sense recommendations and experience. 

Do not fall for fake organic skin care

There are many factors making people vulnerable to this scam. Low self-esteem is one such factor. People are vulnerable to these harmful products in the bid to look more beautiful and enjoy validation. We of course can’t rule out social trends and peer pressure. But you are beautiful, and you just have to listen to what your skin is saying. And for the greedy entrepreneur, the goal to make a profit lead to the compromise of so many thing. However, damaging people’s skin should be a no-go-area. It’s our call to be responsible and be truthful to our customers.

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