New Year’s Resolution? Our Vision Continues in 2023!

Happy New Year!!!

Every year, we all like to make new resolutions. Do we actually remember these resolutions in March or in August? Some of us do not. That is why we are Joadre; we stay away from the hype of new years resolutions. Instead, we reflect on our past journey and direction for 2023. We have a vision. We were born with a purpose! 

We stay with our vision and follow the mission!

Our mission to empower African women has always been the core element of our being. Since the launch of our founder’s engagement in 2006 with the humanitarian organisation EXIT against human trafficking, our founder Joana has actively stood up for the rights of women and children. Throughout all her work, it has been about allowing vulnerable and disadvantaged groups to speak for themselves. 

Early in 2014, the Joadre fashion project started as a way to use entrepreneurship to empower women in Nigeria. In 2020, the covid pandemic brought a new perspective for us to pursue our Vision in depth. We went digital with our education. Every week, unique blog content is published, reaching thousands of readers from Nigeria, Kenya, the US, the UK, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. 

Our App Will Change Education Forever!

Our JoadreTRIBE app was developed through our passion for educating and bridging the know-how discrepancies between African Students and their peers worldwide. So in 2023, it is all about our tribe platform. We are rolling out big time with relevant educational content and edutainment VOD, supported by a mentoring system to help African students and Savvy entrepreneurs go global. 

The 2023 journey will see much content production, where the new stars are Teachers. But we cannot do this all alone, so we invite you experts, business owners, government offices, and enthusiasts for social change to join us on this journey. Young people in Africa are hard-working and eager to design the life they love. 

What are we looking for?

We look for fashion, photography, videography, make-up, cosmetology, arts and crafts, Hare dressing, Carpentry, and Nutrition experts. Yes, these are the 9 sectors we are rolling out content for in 2023. We would also produce a few feature films and are happy to partner with European production companies looking to co-produce in Africa. Reach out to us as soon as you can using our contact form

Sign up for our newsletter here and get consistent resources via email. If you need templates to develop your ideas, you can check our Joadre Tools. If you want to contact us, use our contact form or consult us through the app. 

We wish you a happy new year and great inspiration throughout 2023!

Thank you for reading to the end. 


Joadre Editorial Team

Joadre Editorial
Joadre Editorial team is an international mix of experts in the field of human rights, entrepreneurship and global politics. We are passionate to educate and create equity for Africans and the Africa continent.

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