Ending 2022 Blissful! Joadre Years Recap

It would be a lie to say this year was not incredible for us at Joadre. However, we had our fair share of challenges. But we started this year so determined about the JoadreTribe app that we created it. After two years of research and development, we have it. Our app offers a one-stop platform for African students and Savvy entrepreneurs to develop their ideas using relevant information, coaching and accessible services. 

The JoadreTribe app helps entrepreneurs understand the issues that impact their ecosystem from a global perspective and give them all they need to create their dreams. More is yet to come! Join the Joadre community at TRIBE.

Topics we covered in 2022 on the Joadre Platform.

The first part of the year kept us busy with our content development around starting business ideas such as our 6 part blog series on How To Start Your Laundry business, Affiliate marketing, Soap business, Cosmetics business, Food business and more. You can quickly launch or grow your business if you know how to get funds, so finding grants was a core topic this year, which we covered with several articles. 

If fact, we have a funding list in our app! However, you must master the art of writing project reports to access grants. We also covered several issues vital to your personal development as an entrepreneur, from finding your Authentic self, Mindfulness to public speaking, networking, building equity and branding.

Release of our first Joadre journal – FOCUS

One thing we saw that needs to be improved in the business sector in Nigeria is the need for industry-specific journals. How can you build an industry or a great business without knowing the space within and outside Nigeria? This is a massive problem, and we have a solution. 

Our Joadre journal is an industry-specific journal published quarterly to debate and analyse targeted industry sectors and topics in detail. We released our first edition, focusing on the fuels subsidy issue. In 2023, we will look closer into the manufacturing industry, the educational-vocational sector and the health sectors. 

Spent time exploring education in Nigeria

Undoubtedly, any economy that wants to thrive in our 21st century must revise its current educational strategy for its youth. Every day, the status quo of how things are done changes or evolves as diverse spaces intersect. But we also have a significant advantage now since the digital age allows information to flow faster and more accessible than ever. 

Our major priority in 2023 will be to help English-speaking African countries accelerate education through revised curriculums and innovative teaching forms. More technical and entrepreneurial programs must be systematically integrated into all higher institutions. So we have a mission for the next season. We are delighted to partner with professors, lecturers, and experts from the practice, universities and governments to make this mission possible. Write to us at Joadre using our contact form for partnership. 

Voices Uprising is our first feature on the Joadre platform. 

In October 2020, a mass protest began in Nigeria against police brutality. However, behind this mass protest lies more issues originating even before 1950ties before the Nation Nigeria was created. It is 2022, and we have to find a vision forward. How would finding a vision forward work if we do not know where we are coming from? 

In this Joadre Original piece, we explore not only the issues that led to the #endsars protest but also surrounding issues that plague the ideas of the nation – Nigeria. Visit our documentary film site to know when it will be released and where to watch it. Remember to share this film with people you feel need to see it. This film debuts the start of more feature documentaries and fictional films coming up on Joadre.

Joadre Thrive – the business magazine

Who else can better speak for themselves than the entrepreneurs themselves? We had so many beautiful interview sessions with people like Tunde Obadero from Zitra Investment, who took us deeper into Nigeria’s finance world, with Idris Mamukuyomi from Afriexporter whose export platform wants to empower African farmers, with Ngozi Ijimakinwa showing us that future lies in empowering our girl child and many others. You can watch the full interviews in the JoadreTribe app.

Our all-in-one app and the features now. 

Educational and entertainment content is available in audio, text and video formats. We are dedicated to relevant, up-to-date content that allows you to curate your curriculum. 

The “service” bottom icon opens you up to several services you enjoy as tribe members, from data insights and downloadable templates to funding and many listings for business growth. Get the app (Android version) here on the Google play store. For IOS and other system users, a web app is available here – TRIBE. Sign up for our newsletter here and if you need templates to develop your ideas, you can check our Joadre Tools. If you want to contact us, use our contact form or consult us through the app. 

Thank you for reading to the end. 


Joadre Editorial Team

Joadre Editorial
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Joadre Editorial team is an international mix of experts in the field of human rights, entrepreneurship and global politics. We are passionate to educate and create equity for Africans and the Africa continent.

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