3 killer choices of colour to wear to your next job interview

There is stiff competition for space in the labour market, amidst an ever-growing percentage of unemployed. It is, therefore, necessary for anyone looking for a job to do so with all intentionality. Companies interview dozens or even hundreds of people, just for one position. To scale through and be the chosen, besides your qualifications, you must pay attention to some little details. What are those details? Find out in this article aimed at acquainting you with the choice of colour you should wear to your next job interview.

Your Fashion, Your First Personality Revealer

Not only does your choice of cloth tell about your fashion taste, it also sends a subconscious message about your personality to your interviewer. The interesting thing here is, they might use it to create an impression. And, the first impression they say lasts forever. With the right choice of colour, the interviewer can perceive you as confident, professional and able to fit into their organization’s work environment. In this blog, we would examine 3 killer choices of colour to wear to your next job interview. But first, let’s check out different types of work environments.

Types of Work Environment

One of the most basic things you must do, as a job seeker, when going for an interview is to do a bit of research. Conduct research on the company’s culture, work environment. The output of your research can then inform your choice of colour, that will fit into their culture.

  • Conservative Work Environment
  • Casual Work Environment

Conservative Work Environment

A conservative work environment would expect their employees, and all working with them to do things conservatively; formally. The moment you enter, you won’t need an interpreter to tell you. You would know from the choice of furniture and office arrangement, the way employees are relating with one another. For this kind of work environment, we would recommend that you choose neutral or solid colour clothing. Wait, what if your calling is to own a business? Check out this blog How To Find Authentic Business Ideas. You Are Sitting On Gold!

Casual Work Environment

The place where you would get to see this kind is mostly in tech companies,  startups, entertainment, and nonprofit organizations. A casual work environment gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can wear clothes that show your creativity. For instance, if you are interviewing with a fashion company, you can create a statement about your sense of style and fashion. You could wear to the job interview, say, the choicest of piece/style, but of course not too domineering. Sure you’ve given it a thought to start a business, but unsure of how to get funds. Check out this blog on how to Raise Funds  For Your Business | Next Level Series – Investment

Now that you know better, this knowledge about different kinds of work environments should inform your choice of colour for your next job interview.  Let’s advance a little now to explore the 3 killer choices of colour to wear to your next job interview.

3 killer choices of colour to wear to your next job interview

  1. Blue
  2. Gray
  3. White

Blue, Getting the Job done since Nineteen Ninety Something 

Oh, darling blue! It never fails, particularly the navy and the sky blue. You must have been seeing it on world leaders, and you are just wondering, what’s with the Blue? For a male, it is combined with the choicest red colour tie. Blue is a great neutral colour for an interview. It conveys the feeling of trust, calm, and confidence, a typical killer attribute every interviewer wants to see in a job interviewee. Create this great impression and support it with a good qualification, coherent expression of your thoughts and top it up with a good cologne. Be expecting a “Congratulations, you have been hired as a Management Trainee in our XYZ company…” in your mailbox.

Gray Never Fails a Job Seeker

Gray is another great colour to wear to your next job interview. Not only is gray a great colour, but it also sends a signal of sophistication and neutrality to your interviewer. Which is not a bad attribute to send out. It is a good colour to wear, as a suit or jacket. It will give you that powerful yet not domineering look. And trust me, you will bask in confidence. Check out 3 Low Capital Business Ideas for Nigeria | New Potential


White in many cultures, is interpreted as a colour of purity. It just has to be on the list. For its simplicity and versatility. But when considering white, ensure you find a perfect accent to bring it out. So that you won’t get lost in the crowd. You can accent it with red. Red is an energetic and passionate colour that conveys the right amount of passion  when used as an accent colour, without making you seem emotional but  bright and powerful. A pop of red on your white sends a signal of the right amount of passion to your interviewer.

Remember, a good choice of colour to an interview is not an end in itself, rather, a means to an end. It requires you to support it with good qualification and coherent expression of your thoughts.

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